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ÅSÅsane Fotball (Norwegian football club)
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It was the cat which was to be destroyed as per instructions of the anonymous sender.
These are people who say that they will send back nothing to the anonymous sender regardless of the amount they might receive from the paired sender.
The maps, which belong to the Nordenskiold collection and are highly valuable, were returned by post to the Finnish embassy in London, UK by an anonymous sender who wrote that he or she had not realised that they were stolen.
A court ordered genetic testing on the stamp to help to unmask The Crow - the anonymous sender of the letter claiming responsibility for drowning Petit Gregory - Little Gregory - as the child became known throughout France.
A natural extension to Onion Routing is the introduction of reply onions that allow connections to be made back to an anonymous sender through the Onion Routing network long after the original connection existed.
The Tunbridge Wells Mosque in Kent received a Christmas card from an anonymous sender Monday that included offensive remarks about the prophet Muhammad and Allah, according to (http://www.
In the message, the anonymous sender has written that he is a current employee of the police's special technical directorate, SDOTO, dealing with special surveillance devices and was a witness how former Interior Minister, Tsvetan Tsvetanov, has been ordering him and his colleagues to illegally wiretap a huge number of people.
They should find out who this is and find out what he knows," Ghost said of the anonymous sender of the photo.
She merely received a text message from an anonymous sender early Monday, telling her that her son was at the Chinese General Hospital.
The anonymous sender of the messages kept communicating with Guevarra.
The text came from an anonymous sender who said a bomb was planted in one of the campus' buildings.