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My immediate plans are to go on extended camping trips across the United States with my wife, Marilyn (who is not just another pretty face!).
I WENT to see Natalie Imbruglia with my boyfriend and I expected the former Aussie soap star to be just another pretty face. But I was wrong.
Often overlooked as just another pretty face, the flower commands an essential role in the botanical domain.
(Was it really necessary to shoot McBride as he was hopping into the bathtub to take a shower?) As for accomplishment, McBride's success as an actor and model was depressingly ephemeral Corcoran shows clips-none of them adequately explained-from some of McBride's stints in various commercials, soap operas, and TV movies (including a scene with Bette Davis), but we never get the sense that McBride was any more than just another pretty face shilling for laundry detergent.
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