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References in classic literature ?
SOCRATES: And so of the virtues, however many and different they may be, they have all a common nature which makes them virtues; and on this he who would answer the question, 'What is virtue?
Reluctantly, I confessed myself quite unable to answer the question.
He was uneasily silent -- he was plainly ashamed to answer the question.
It may be observed however that Plato never intended to answer the question of casuistry, but only to exhibit the ideal of patient virtue which refuses to do the least evil in order to avoid the greatest, and to show his master maintaining in death the opinions which he had professed in his life.
the peasants trusted him, and for thirty miles round they would come to ask his advice), he had no definite views of "the people," and would have been as much at a loss to answer the question whether he knew "the people" as the question whether he liked them.
accurate but incomplete (contains very little lack of conviction but significant extraneous information and, therefore, shows lying by omission or knowingly including other information that does not answer the question asked while leaving out and, thereby, avoiding pertinent elements of the event); or
Simply answer the question above and send your answer, name and address to: Celtic Collections offer, Irish Sunday Mirror, Park House, 191-197 North Circular Road, Dublin 7.
Another interesting and effective technique for technical questions is to answer the question with a question.
A citizen may decline to answer the question, or answer it honestly, but he cannot with impunity knowingly and willfully answer with a falsehood.
2 Two States that allow waivers do not have penalties for noncompliance either; 37 States have penalties; 7 did not answer the question.
If they answer the question correctly, they earn points for their team (see chart at right).