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Uttar Pradesh, March 24 -- Site specific antibodies conjugated to cytotoxic drugs - the answer to cancer when they were first developed.
Grant it, protein-digesting enzymes may not be the only answer to cancer, but they are definitely part of the body's frontline defense against this most dreaded disease.
It is the only one of its kind outside of London and, since its arrival in June, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital is now considered the best single-site cancer treatment centre in Europe, Oncology consultant Paul Sanghera said: "Somewhere in this department is the answer to cancer.
Here's the latest on what was supposed to be the cure-all, prevent-all answer to cancer, heart disease, and more.
The author believes that the primary answer to cancer lies in preventing it before it starts; his book illustrates how to incorporate the guidelines developed in his clinical practice into your personal health plan.
She was also responsible for the production of two historical films, Nature's Answer to Cancer, the story of laetrile, and the National Health Federation documentary Action for Survival, starring Ralph Nader and Adelle Davis and featuring "freedom of choice" issues.