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ATCMAdaptive Track Control Model
ATCMAirborne Toxic Control Measure
ATCMAutomatic Tube Current Modulation (scanners)
ATCMAssociation of Town Centre Management (UK)
ATCMAntarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting
ATCMAddress-to-Content Memory (computer engineering)
ATCMAir Toxics Control Measure
ATCMA Town Called Mercey (Doctor Who; TV)
ATCMAeronautical Time Cycle Management
ATCMAdvanced Technology Cruise Missile
ATCMAdvanced Tropical Cyclone Model
ATCMAtelier Tuyauterie Chaudronnerie Maintenance (French metal repair company)
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Qianxi Nanji tiaoyue xieshang huiyi gongzuo jizhi ji yingxiang [Analysis of the Antarctic Treaty consultative meeting working mechanism and influence].
The results of the inspection will be presented to all treaty parties at the May Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting.
See Hilary Rodham Clinton, Sec'y of State, Remarks at the Joint Session of the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting and the Arctic Council, 50th Anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty (Apr.
Over the next two years, the spotlight will be shining on the Antarctic--first, with the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting in June, and then with the launch of the International Polar Year, 2007-08.
The governing body of the Treaty (a sort of monitoring of compliance but also legislative machinery) is situated with the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings (ATCM), a clearing house that has annual meetings.
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