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AQAdventure Quest (online game)
AQAir Quality
AQl'Aquila (Italy)
AQAdvanced Queuing (trademark of Oracle)
AQAntarctica (top level domain name)
AQAmerican Samoa
AQAquinas College
AQAl-Qaida (terrorist group)
AQAqua (blue-green color)
AQAhn'qiraj (gaming instance, World of Warcraft)
AQAloha Airlines
AQAutomatic Qualifying (sports)
AQAssurance Qualité (French: Quality Assurance)
AQAs Quoted (market price)
AQAminoquinoline (chemistry)
AQAction Quake (gaming team)
AQAircraft Quality (steel)
AQAlliance Quebec (Canadian English Rights Lobby Group)
AQAchievement Quotient
AQApplication Question
AQAnnual Questionnaire
AQArchitectural Quality
AQAcoustic Quantification
AQAccumulator-Quotient Register
AQAcquisitions Directorate (USAF)
AQAccess Queue
AQAllowance Quantity
AQ(USN Rating) Aviation Fire Control Technician
AQAnnual Quantity (UK; gas production)
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Abram said that this is why Antarctica has bucked the trend.
Bledsoe's enthusiasm for exploring Antarctica fuels the spark of imagination ignited by Shackleton's photobiography.
ANZ operations could give New Zealand and the US greater operational flexibility in their Antarctic programs, said Antarctica New Zealand board chairman Rob Fenwick.
Geographic differences between Antarctica and the Arctic help explain why it has been easier to spot signs of climate change in the North.
The inspections in East Antarctica required the team to travel more than 3,500 miles over six days by plane, truck, boat, helicopter, tracked vehicle and snowmobile.
From icebergs to glaciers, humpback whales, penguins, sealsa Antarctica makes you want to believe in a better world.
Then there was the matter of Drake Passage, a channel of water with an attitude that separates the tip of South America from Antarctica.
Parts of the continent's ice shelves have broken off into the sea, causing the size of Antarctica to shrink
The United States and the Russian Federation will send a joint team to inspect foreign stations, installations and equipment in Antarctica from January 23 to January 28, 2012," said the State Department in a statement.
This is the third award in the past six months for the Antarctica team, having also picked-up two trophies for the Antarctica Credit and Distressed Fund Ltd as it was named Best Newcomer Fund of Hedge Funds at the 2010 HFMWeek US Awards as well as the Best Performing Specialist FoHF over 1 year at the HFR 2010 European Fund of Hedge Funds Awards.
Quark Expeditions, a US-based tour company that offers cruises to the Arctic and Antarctica, has offered a new Antarctica expedition competition.
Winners of the competition will take their place on an epic journey on the 2011 expedition to Antarctica together with future leaders from all over the world.