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ANT PTAntenna Pointing
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GVF503H is part of the existing GVF course sequence that certifies installers in satellite communications, antenna pointing and terminal installation and commissioning.
ND SatCom has put major efforts into developing the new software to add value and facilitate the operation of our advanced Antenna Pointing technology.
In this article, a different approach is proposed, where the objective is to ensure that the antenna pointing requirements, and hence the earth station cost, are kept to a minimum.
Typical applications for the 3DM-GX1 include: navigation and control of unmanned vehicles, platform stabilization, robotics, dynamic antenna pointing, and biomedical research.
The high frequencies of the Ka band mean even a medium-sized antenna produces a narrow beamwidth, resulting in stringent antenna pointing requirements.
Of course, the radar can determine the actual angular location of a single target within its resolution cell by small angular adjustments of the antenna pointing to peak the received signal strength.
2] ground plane were measured on a spherical near-field test range for a number of elevation and azimuth antenna pointing angles.
In addition tothe necessary repeater equipment these missions will require high-gain antennas and associated antenna pointing mechanisms.
If the initial situation has the radar antenna pointing towards the ESM antenna, but the ESM antenna pointed away from the radar antenna, intercept will never take place.
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