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The combined anterior/posterior approach uses a retroperitoneal corridor for the reconstruction of the anterior column and subsequent placement of posterior instrumentation.
Also, overall, anterior/posterior and medial/lateral dynamic balance scores were measured.
Similar time profiles were observed for the forces in anterior/posterior direction for skiing and snowboarding till approximately 70% of the turn with slightly lower values in snowboarding (Figure 6).
The AIS study found approach (anterior/combined), number of pedicle screws, and number of vertebral levels fused to be significant predictors of increased cost, whereas the current study found degree of major and minor structural curves, total number of anterior/posterior levels fused, and length of hospital stay to predict increased cost.
They incorporate tumour diameter, tumour location within the kidney (e.g., anterior/posterior, medial/lateral, polar/non-polar) and tumour association with other structures (e.g., renal sinus or collecting system).
Extension phase: The average magnitude of the tibial anterior/posterior translation for the ACLD and contralateral knees were 4.7 [+ or -] 2.5 and 4.9 [+ or -] 2.7 mm respectively (Table 1), demonstrating no significant difference.
If the cause of lumbar hyperlordosis is an imbalance of tensile forces of anterior/posterior pelvic tilt soft tissues, then it follows that effective and lasting treatment must be directed toward these tissues.
Then, for each of the five designs, we created mathematical models, which involved deriving a system of equations developed from force body diagrams, and solving for the anterior/posterior and compressive/distractive forces at the knee joint as a function of flexion.
All patients underwent anterior thoracoscopic release and fusion as part of an anterior/posterior spinal fusion for idiopathic scoliosis.
Many authors advocate the use of SPECT imaging for optimal localization, particularly for localization within the anterior/posterior plane.
A vertebral fracture was defined as an anterior/posterior (A/P) vertebral height ratio of 0.66 or less.
The increase in medial/lateral SI from pre-test to posttest resonates with de Freitas et al.15 who reported that medial/lateral sway decreases with strong knees hips and trunk suggesting that improved joint stability will decrease SI.15 They also reported a decrease in anterior/posterior sway when the knees hips and trunk were immobilized suggesting that improved stability of lower limb joints decreased sway.
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