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The defect over the anterior chest wall was reconstructed with 15 holes contoured stainless steel plates with curvatures facing downwards bridging the medial end of the clavicles giving stability to the chest wall.
Conclusion: For treatment of primary hyperparathyroidism, endoscopic thyroidectomy through the anterior chest wall via the areolar approach decreased the incidence rate of complications, as well as promoted the recovery of serum calcium and phosphorous levels, probably by only mildly affecting immune function and thyroid hormone levels.
During the examination, we noted multiple elevated, nodular, erythematous, indurated skin lesions over the left side of her anterior chest wall near the mastectomy scar that measured approximately 8 x 7 cm (figure 1).
The current manuscript presents a case of a 2 years old child who had a progressive anterior chest wall tumor.
Similar collections were also seen along the tract of the VP shunt in the right supraclavicular region and the lower anterior chest wall.
Many blunt aortic injuries probably involve a combination of forces, including stretching, shearing, torsion, a "water-hammer" effect (which involves simultaneous occlusion of the aorta and a sudden elevation in blood pressure), and the "osseous pinch" effect from entrapment of the aorta between the anterior chest wall and the vertebral column.
A gallium scan was consistent with uptake in an area overlying the left breast, anterior chest wall and markedly enlarged left axillary lymph nodes.
CASE A 32-year-old man presented to our emergency department with severe hemoptysis which occured just after a ball-crash to the left anterior chest wall while playing football.
Other mechanisms have been proposed, such as a sudden increase in intraabdominal pressure, a water hammer effect that involves simultaneous occlusion of the aorta and a sudden increase in blood pressure, and the osseous pinch effect from entrapment of the aorta between the anterior chest wall and the vertebral column [1].
24) The specific history of pain and discomfort resulting from both high intensity and high volume of training, as well as the presence of reproducible pain objective findings confirms the musculoskeletal nature of a costochondritis diagnosis in this patient with anterior chest wall pain.
The latter degree of elevation in obese patients results in a position more closely aligned with the neutral rather than the sniffing position, with the head position below the anterior chest wall.
Additional diagnoses were a benign schwannoma of the anterior chest wall and Schistosoma mansoni infection detected by the presence of viable eggs in liver and large bowel wall, and mostly calcified eggs in lungs and testes.
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