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AJLAnugerah Juara Lagu (Malay: Champion of Songs Awards; music competition)
AJLAssociation of Jewish Libraries
AJLAustralasian Journal of Logic (University of Melbourne)
AJLAkta Jualan Langsung (Malay: Direct Sales Act)
AJLAcadémie Jacques Levinet (French martial arts school)
AJLAide aux Jeux de Lettres (French: Help for Word Games; software)
AJLArajuno Jungle Lodge (Quito, Ecuador)
AJLAmitiés Judéo-Lacaunaises (French Jewish culture group)
AJLAnimation Jeunesse Lustinoise (French; Belgian youth association)
AJLAssociation Judo Loisirs (French judo association)
AJLAnterior Junction Line (radiology)
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The close apposition of the lungs and pleura anterior to the ascending aorta and right ventricular outflow tract forms the anterior junction line, which courses obliquely from the upper right to lower left behind the retromanubrial region toward the heart.
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