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A total of 60 patients who were admitted to the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for the anterior knee pain and diagnosed with PFPS were screened and the study included a total of 43 patients (75 knees).
The symptoms of Cyclops syndrome may include anterior knee pain, loss of complete extension or hyperextension, pain during walking or running, an audible clunk near full extension, painful cracking, locking of the knee, stiffness and residual laxity.
One of the highly regarded basic pathomechanics in PFPS is delay in the activation of vastus medialis (VM) to vastus lateralis (VL) Which in theory could induce laterally pulled patella and anterior knee pain (3,4).
An investigation into the effect of cupping therapy as a treatment of anterior knee pain and its potential role in health promotion.
Lateral retinacular release is one of these options and has been used to treat anterior knee pain with variable results (1-5).
In our study, we had complications like Anterior Knee Pain, Superficial infection and Deep infection which were treated accordingly.
1) PFPS is the most commonly diagnosed clinical condition in athletes with non-traumatic anterior knee pain.
Monllau, "A novel association between femoroacetabular impingement and anterior knee pain, " Pain Research and Treatment, vol.
In our case, the patient complained of anterior knee pain during extension and occasional swelling of the knee.
Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS), the most common cause of anterior knee pain, is a complex entity with an etiology that has not been well described.
1-10] In professional road cyclists, lower back pain and anterior knee pain are the most prevalent overuse injuries, and knee pain is the most likely cause of time lost.
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