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Based on an endoscopic endonasal approach the skull base consists of four regions, these being the anterior midline skull base, middle skull base, posterior midline skull base, and parasellar region (Solari et al., 2014).
The aim of this study was to evaluate the results of double plating with single anterior midline incision in complex proximal tibial fractures (Types V and VI of Schatzker classification) and compare this rate to other studies in the literature.
Andersen et al., "Genetic studies in congenital anterior midline cervical cleft," American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A, vol.
An 8-year-old girl presented to the emergency department with swelling and erythema of the anterior midline neck over a previous tracheostomy scar (Figure 1).
Fissures are mostly at 6 o'clock (posterior midline) or 12 o'clock (anterior midline) at anus usually associated with a sentinel tag.
An involved lung is seen herniated across the anterior midline.21, 22
There was a small anterior midline opening on the suprapubic pannus 2.5 cm below the pubic symphysis that was a sinus to his urethra (Fig.
Pronotum evenly convex, slightly flattened, or with median protuberance, carina or bifurcated shelf-like projection, anteriorly not impressed or divided at anterior midline ...
The correlation of the specific question on the ALSQ to the corresponding questions on the ODI and EQ-5D demonstrate that we adapted the concepts for the anterior midline approach.
This orientation notch indicates which side of the tray is the maxillary side and which point on the tray corresponds to the anterior midline. Later, after the tooth is prepared, when the assistant places low viscosity impression material in both sides of the anterior tray to reline the pre-operative impression, the low-viscosity impression material may cover up all of the anterior teeth.
In 90% of patients typical anal fissure occur in posterior midline and remaining 10% in anterior midline.5 Atypical anal fissure can occur any where in anal canal and these re associated with other diseases (Crohn's disease, HIV infection, cancer, syphilis, and Tuberculosis).
After leveling, heavy elastics were used to correct the buccal relationship and anterior midline problem.
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