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4 These habits may contribute to significant dental problems such as soft tissue injury, tooth loss, tooth wear, increased overjet, anterior open bite, and posterior crossbite.
The objective of this study was to find out the skeletal features of Anterior Open Bite (AOB) by cephalometric analysis.
Part 2 is devoted to stability and relapse of types of treatment such as Class II malocclusion treatment, anterior open bite treatment, transverse dimension orthodontic changes, and orthognathic surgery.
Even though they had good vertical relationship, 11 people had posterior crossbites and 4 of them anterior open bite.
The variables that were evaluated in the calibration process were the following: incisor alignment, Angle's classification of malocclusion, posterior and anterior crossbite, overjet, overbite, anterior open bite, and maxillary midline diastema.
Treatment results and long-term stability of anterior open bite malocclusion.
The evaluated malocclusions assessed were posterior cross bite, anterior cross-bite, anterior open bite, overbite and overjet; angle classification also being evaluated.
The resident responsible for the patient selected one of the following deformities: (a) anterior-posterior excess of the jaw, (b) vertical excess of the jaw, (c) anterior-posterior excess of the mandible, (d) anterior-posterior deficiency of the jaw, (e) transverse deficiency of the jaw, (f) vertical deficiency of the jaw, (g) anterior-posterior deficiency of the mandible, (h) anterior open bite, or (i) mandibular laterognatism.
In our series, using this technique, we were able to reduce operating time, but patients with bilateral involvement showed more frequent anterior open bite.
Dentoalveolar comparative study between renovable and fixed cribs, associated to chincup, in anterior open bite treatment.
Early treatment of anterior open bite with functional orthopedic appliances.
Anterior open bite treatment (with CAA POW- ER GRIPS).
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