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5 mm (roughly coinciding with the maximal anterior tibial translation observed in our study), the sleeve would provide a resistive force of ~13 N countering the shear force pushing the tibia anteriorly.
In conclusion, our results demonstrate that usage of an elastic knee sleeve reduces anterior tibial translation in healthy subjects by a small, yet statistically significant amount.
Anterior tibial translation in dependency of the shear force acting on the tibia and usage of an elastic knee sleeve.
9, 15) Radiographic studies have shown that there is a linear relationship between tibial slope and tibial translation; greater anterior tibial translation is seen with unilateral weight-bearing in knees with greater tibial slope.
Ligamentous laxity in the knee allows exaggerated hyperextension, valgus, and anterior tibial translation.
The hamstrings should respond to the stretch reflex in the ACL, but a weaker hamstring will not sufficiently resist anterior tibial translation against the stronger pull of the quadriceps.
The question whether corrective osteotomy would reduce the incidence of ACL ruptures and reruptures is still open, as well as the dilemma whether the preventive programs focused on strengthening posterior thigh muscles of athletes with increased PTS can reduce anterior tibial translation.
Estimation of ligament loading and anterior tibial translation in healthy and ACL-deficient knees during gait and the influence of increasing tibial slope using EMG-driven approach.
The amount of anterior tibial translation is 8-18 mm in the ACL-D subjects, which is higher than normal subjects [34-35].
The combination of strong quadriceps and weak hamstrings predisposes an athlete to anterior tibial translation and stresses the ACL.
Biomechanical studies reported that higher tibial slope results in a greater anterior tibial translation (Boden et al.
2011) Estimation of ligament loading and anterior tibial translation in healthy and ACL-deficient knees during gait and the influence of increasing tibial slope using EMG-driven approach.
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