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11,12 The anterior and posterior parts of COW were evaluated separately and classified according to the scheme proposed in literature.
The measurements of anterior and posterior facial heights in a Nigerian population.
The renal arteries divide normally into anterior and posterior division at varying distance from the aorta.
The anterior and posterior articular faces are concave, the anterior more concave than the posterior one.
Though the exact etiology remains to be elucidated, we suggest that doctors would better to explore and remove inflammatory synovial tissue bands, especially at the posterior side of femoral neck, during operations of FAI patients with both anterior and posterior labral tear.
The aim of this study is to compare the effect of rapid with conventional CXL in terms of BCVA, pachymetry, anterior and posterior flat and steep K values.
Interbody fusion was determined to be achieved if a transvertebral osseous bridge had formed anterior and posterior to the cage on the plain radiographs if a radiolucent line between the cage and endplate was not present if loosening or breakage of pedicle screws did not occur and if there was no motion on dynamic flexion-extension radiographs.
The distances between anterior and posterior horns were determined using the internal face of Vernier Calliper which was placed between the apex of the anterior horn and the apex of the posterior horn (Figure 2).
Currently, combined anterior and posterior lumbar fusion often involves anterior interbody fusion (using either autograft or allograft) and posterior fixation.
The superior free edges of the obturator internus muscle and its fascia, the obturator membrane (between the anterior and posterior obturator tubercles), and the obturator externus muscle and its fascia collectively form the musculotendinous aponeurotic arch which converts the obturator groove into an obturator canal.
Difficulties also exist after laser corneal refractive surgery, which changes both the anterior and posterior corneal curvature.
A total repair has previously referred to the simultaneous use of both anterior and posterior grafts, which then integrates true level-one support at the apex.
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