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ALHAustralian Light Horse (Australia)
ALHAtypical Lobular Hyperplasia
ALHAdvanced Light Helicopter
ALHAmerican Legend Homes (Lewisville, TX)
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ALHAustralian Leisure and Hospitality Group (Victoria, Australia)
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ALHAnything Left-Handed Ltd (UK)
ALHAcquisition Logistics Handbook (US Navy)
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Disc wider than long, anterior margin moderately to strongly scalloped, apices of pectoral fins moderately rounded; anterior lobes of pelvic fins broad; disc shorter than tail; snout soft, flexible, especially near tip, internal supporting rostral cartilage slender and weak; teeth small, numerous, 21-28 rows in upper jaw; interorbital space flat to slightly concave; thorns absent from disc; tail thorns 19-24, interdorsal thorns 0; dorsal surface of head and body uniformly covered with small denticles, ventral surface naked; dorsal fins small, well separated, about equal in height and length.
a: anterior lobe; b: posterior lobe; c: an activation area that belongs to the cluster listed in above.
tannuolaicus, include the shorter anterior lobe, being about 60% the length of the posterior lobe, a wider pygidial axis that does not reach the border furrow and the axial ring furrows of the pygidium that are visible abaxially.
Surstylus with extremely large, intricately structured anterior lobe: anterior and dorsal parts less strongly sclerotised (Fig.
Anterior lobe of surstylus subshiny yellow, linear and narrow with yellow setulae on apical margin.
* The intermediate lobe lies in and around the posterior lobe, lateral maxilla and anterior lobe. It is a membrane-like structure with thin fatty tissue in adults, but is a large mass in children.
The predilection of tumours to metastasize to posterior pituitary may be due to the fact that the neural portion has a blood supply directly from the systemic circulation while the anterior lobe is supplied by the hypothalamus-hypophyseal portal system.6 In the clinical context of a known cancer patient presenting with diabetes insipidus, MRI of pituitary fossa is very useful in demonstrating metastasis to the pituitary.7 Hypophysis, stalk, cavernous sinuses, sphenoid sinus and optic chiasma are well evaluated on coronal and sagittal T1-weighted MRI both before and after Gadolinium injection.
Pronotum 1.66 times as wide as long; collar narrow; anterior margin feebly sinuate; anterolateral angles slightly produced beyond collar; anterolateral borders deeply concave, angular; lateral borders of hind lobe subparallel, converging anteriorly; posterior margin sinuate; disc medially with longitudinal depression on anterior lobe, flanked by 2 (1 + 1) large callosities; 2 (1 + 1) zig-zag carinae extending fore and hind lobe sublaterally; posterior lobe medially transversely elevated with granulate carina, sloping and shiny anteriorly.
Follicle- Anterior lobe In females, it stimulates the
The anterior lobe was separated from the more laterally located posterior lobe with a transverse cleft (figure 1).
These capillaries drain into "long portal blood vessels" that run longitudinally along the infundibular stalk and drain into a secondary capillary plexus in the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland.
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