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Blaming the fires on anthropogenic global warming is not only inaccurate and lazy, it is politically motivated in the worst sense.
There is no longer much debate within the climate science community about whether or not anthropogenic global warming is real.
Cook, "Quantifying the consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the scientific literature," Environmental Research Letters, vol.
i) The pressure of new science, new data, more publications and more frustration with bad policymaking within a large group of mainstream scientists may in due course have the effect of improving policy making on climate change issues, despite the momentum built up by institutions and governments that have currently spent tens of billions of dollars in support of the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis.
The past few years have seen considerable division among evangelicals over the question of anthropogenic global warming.
Your own position on anthropogenic global warming is immaterial.
There continues to be lively debate among politicians and in the general press about whether the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis is true, but little serious discussion of what the United States should do if it is true.
You might think that a declaration founded upon a belief in anthropogenic global warming would at last bring some harmony to the disparate alarmist and sceptic elements.
case for anthropogenic global warming and that the climate models are
Rather, the "noise" in the record of natural climate variability still complicates detection of an emerging signal of anthropogenic global warming.
Energy users - including transport and households - contribute today nearly 80% to the anthropogenic global warming input of Europe.
Those skeptical about the reality of anthropogenic global warming and the need for preventive measures will find little in this book supporting their views.