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ASBOAnti Social Behaviour Order (UK)
ASBOAssociation of School Business Officials International
ASBOApplication Specific Business Object
ASBOAssociation of School Board Officials (various locations)
ASBOApplication Specific Business Object (IBM Websphere)
ASBOAcademicus Sanctae Barbae Ordo (Latin: Academic Order of Saint Barbara)
ASBOArbeiter-Samariter-Bund Oesterreichs (German: Workers' Samaritan Federation Austria)
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Brandon Smith, from Ebenezer Street in Hill Top, was slapped with a Criminal Anti Social Behaviour order at Warley Magistrates.
His offending has had a significant impact on the community and I hope that this Anti Social Behaviour Order will prevent him from committing further offences and help protect the community from harm.
A LIVERPOOL milkman who got an Anti Social Behaviour Order for repeatedly dressing up as a firefighter has appeared in court less than a week later to face charges of wearing the banned uniform.
Anti social behaviour orders are being used by the government to clamp down on unruly kids, but Mrs Hopkins says: "I don't feel like this anti social behaviour order has affected him at all -
People found to be causing trouble are at risk of being banned from the city centre through a Criminal Anti Social Behaviour order.
"Although this anti social behaviour order runs until 2011, we will look to extend this if we believe he risks committing further offences."
Det Insp John Rowlands said: ``We are determined to treat seriously all aspects of anti-social behaviour in our community - in this instance the activity of three youths have initiated a serious process which ultimately could lead to an anti social behaviour order being issued by a court.''
A TEENAGER from Pershore has been banned from the town after being given an Anti Social Behaviour Order.
But we must also issue fair warning to the persistent offenders, and the new statistics suggest that some areas are more heavily blighted than others, that anti social behaviour orders will continue to be imposed against the most troublesome.
ANTI Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) are now being used to stifle political protest.
Regarding your recent article on Anti Social Behaviour Orders (Asbos), I believe the decision taken by the district judge not to name a young person in a civil action was fair and proper.
CALLS by the Government to encourage social landlords to make greater use of Anti Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) have been dismissed by the leader of a national campaign to license all private landlords.