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A2Alpha 2 (Street Fighter: Alpha 2 game)
A2Ann Arbor (Michigan)
A2Apple II
A2Antenne 2 (Second French TV Channel)
A2Advanced Level 2 (UK educational qualification)
A2Aluminized Type 2 Steel
A2Aortic Second Sound
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Navy in coming years will be large enough to adequately counter improved Chinese maritime anti-access forces while also adequately performing other missions around the world of interest to U.S.
anti-access and area-denial challenges, shorthanded as the "A2/AD
Burgeoning Anti-Access and Area-Denial Capabilities
Chief among his other measures are two: closer cooperation with regional friends/allies and promoting pan-Asian and trans-Pacific institutions; and countering the PLA's naval anti-access capabilities by dispersing our military assets and developing new systems of power projection.
If so, where do we stand in respect of these future missions in the face of an anti-access, area denial strategy?
Such troops could operate independently of major forward bases, frustrating enemy anti-access strategies.
The air superiority fighter's most critical contribution is to the third operational goal of DOD transformation--projecting and sustaining US forces in distant, anti-access or area-denial environments and defeating anti-access and area-denial threats.
Surely this will not go unnoticed in other parts of the world, and will undoubtedly prompt countries that may have cause to fear US intervention to beef up their defensive (anti-access) capabilities--thus justifying further US spending on anti-access-denial systems.
This administration has proved itself anti-access. We've been trying to work with them, but we have not even been invited to the table."
This assumes uninterrupted use of ports and airfields, which is questionable given anti-access technologies such as mines and anti-air and anti-ship missiles.
One of the three the coalition was unable to thwart -- a measure creating a new ethics commission -- contained serious anti-access provisions.
The buzzword A2/AD stands for 'Anti-Access Area Denial,' with geographical 'bubbles' where one nation concentrates sophisticated military equipment such as anti-air missiles to prevent a rival army from taking action and deploying troops.