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At the low-end of the spectrum of conflict, insurgent forces such as the Taliban in Afghanistan or the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria have limited anti-access capabilities and a small number of modern weapons.
Anti-access strategies seek to deny outside countries the ability to project power into a region, thereby allowing aggression or other destabilizing actions to be conducted by the anti-access power.
Navy's ability to counter Chinese maritime anti-access capabilities, including but not limited to those discussed below.
study and the growing corpus of anti-access literature make plain, much
Burgeoning Anti-Access and Area-Denial Capabilities
A second panel contained two women, but they also took an anti-access stand.
Global Leadership: Priorities for 21st Century Defense," how our government will continue to invest in areas where expeditionary Sailors operate--intelligence, reconnaissance, counter terrorism, countering weapons of mass destruction, operating in anti-access environments, and protecting the home front.
China's military advances in anti-access denial capabilities, he believes, undercut this deterrent.
If so, where do we stand in respect of these future missions in the face of an anti-access, area denial strategy?
A report on the three options was presented to the Vale of Glamorgan Council's cabinet yesterday members of an anti-access road action group held a demonstration outside the Civic Offices, in Barry.
He said, 'Farmers are not anti-access as such, but the fact that it's a statutory right, which we've opposed all along.
They are now likelier to develop anti-access capabilities that will hinder our ability to mass forces.