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produce a distillation of the worlds' best practice on anti-contamination to be
Forensic scientists dressed in white anti-contamination suits examined the property.
She assured me this was because they needed a record of my visit for anti-contamination purposes.
It has won numerous awards for product design for its initial product, the transparent anti-contamination stepping plate, which is already transforming crime scene investigation at home and abroad.
Since then officers wearing anti-contamination suits have dug up parts of 68-year-old Green's garden, sifted through his former home and left rubbish in a tip placed outside.
Dressed in anti-contamination suits, some 20 protesters arrived at the Assembly's Eisteddfod stand, and demanded that presiding officer Dafydd Ellis Thomas tell them why the body had not intervened at any stage of the planning process.
In the report, the GAO cited some improvements, most notably an increase in documented compliance with a crucial anti-contamination program.
French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy said chemicals, an anti-contamination suit, forged documents, a computer and large quantities of dollars and euros had been seized.
An unidentified liquid and an anti-contamination suit were also seized in the raid in the French capital.
See "HACCP: The FDA'S Anti-Contamination Strategy," page 14.
Devo's yellow anti-contamination suits warned of the group's authoritarian, alien weirdness.
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