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produce a distillation of the worlds' best practice on anti-contamination to be
The patented package is constructed from 16 pieces, 15 of which are used just for the pump, which includes a hermetic tip seal, three anti-contamination valves, and a retractable pouch.
Ronald Pirich, a Technical Fellow in the Technology Development Area at Northrop Grumman's Aerospace Systems sector, these scientists have studied a range of coating technologies with self-cleaning and anti-contamination capabilities.
The line installed in Zavolzhie will produce staple fiber polyester nonwovens in a range from 100 to 800 gsm, six meters wide and able to satisfy the different requirements of civil and hydraulic engineering, such as reinforcement of roads, anti-contamination layer of landfill sites, ground drainage or in railway networks.
Others are urging the Calderon administration and the Mexican government to make a greater commitment to the anti-contamination and sustainability efforts by allocating more money to fund environmental programs.
Forensic scientists dressed in white anti-contamination suits examined the property.
2] incubator for critical applications in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and and clinical investigation, as well as for temperature control and the latest anti-contamination measures.
She assured me this was because they needed a record of my visit for anti-contamination purposes.
It has won numerous awards for product design for its initial product, the transparent anti-contamination stepping plate, which is already transforming crime scene investigation at home and abroad.
Dressed in anti-contamination suits, some 20 protesters arrived at the Assembly's Eisteddfod stand, and demanded that presiding officer Dafydd Ellis Thomas tell them why the body had not intervened at any stage of the planning process.
Knowing the damaging pictorial embarrassment that has befallen numerous predecessors, why would Kerry allow himself to be photographed crawling from a space shuttle attired in a hooded white anti-contamination suit and sporting a dopey grin?
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