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I looked up to the overhead console and confirmed that both ENG ANTI-ICE switches were off and the DE-ICE MASTER switch was in manual.
FAA regulations for known-icing-certificated anti-ice components state that "tests should be conducted that simulate inadvertent icing encounters in which the pilot may not recognize that the airplane is about to enter an icing condition and the anti-ice component may not be activated until actual ice build-up is noticed".
The crew started engines and immediately turned on the anti-ice system.
Runways and taxiways must be kept free of snow and ice, so crews hustled this week to plow and sweep the surfaces, then apply an anti-ice agent that lowers the freezing temperature of the surfaces to 4 degrees.
Also, the variants might be more or less suited for specific anti-ice jobs, Ben says.
Best of all, it's less expensive than an embedded anti-ice system and isn't a permanent fixture.
Tapping into the same technology used by departments of transportation (DOTs) across the country to combat icy roads, Reilly Industries has created Reilly Freeze Fighter[TM] Anti-Ice and Snow Agent, a liquid that prevents ice from forming on pavement.
Furthermore, operating the anti-ice system consumes a lot of energy.
Electronic auction: cleaning and removal of snow, ice, debris, sprinkling of all types of road surfaces in grodno with anti-ice material using mechanisms, preparation of sand and salt mixture
Again, the sidebar on page 21 provides an overview of the TKS/weeping wing de- and anti-ice system, which works by pumping an antifreeze-like solution through specially modified leading edges and other devices to coat the airframe.
I explained that we had fire coming from the windshield anti-ice harness.
Iowa DOT is using salt brine to anti-ice on its entire Interstate system at a minimum application rate of 40 gallons per lane mile.