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I looked up to the overhead console and confirmed that both ENG ANTI-ICE switches were off and the DE-ICE MASTER switch was in manual.
The crew started engines and immediately turned on the anti-ice system.
Runways and taxiways must be kept free of snow and ice, so crews hustled this week to plow and sweep the surfaces, then apply an anti-ice agent that lowers the freezing temperature of the surfaces to 4 degrees.
However, she adds, Ben's group must show that the molecules' anti-ice powers rival those of the natural glycoproteins or are better.
Tapping into the same technology used by departments of transportation (DOTs) across the country to combat icy roads, Reilly Industries has created Reilly Freeze Fighter[TM] Anti-Ice and Snow Agent, a liquid that prevents ice from forming on pavement.
Tenders are invited for Anti-ice Spray Rigs For District Two
I explained that we had fire coming from the windshield anti-ice harness.
Under the contract Hamilton Sundstrand will develop the advanced Electric Power Generating System, secondary electrical power distribution, Auxiliary Power Unit, wing anti-ice and bleed air conditioning for the Nitrogen Generation System.
The first of the two additional TIA's for this new high speed, long range, SJ30-2 twinjet addresses FAA certification flight tests to be performed on anti-ice, de-ice and bleed air system.
Continued use of the anti-ice system led to a windshield hot caution light, so the crew opted to wait until decision height to use the system.
During the five-day testing exercise, the Williams FJ-33 engines were exposed to freezing fog, freezing rain and blowing snow to evaluate the ground performance of the engine inlet anti-ice system under these extremely harsh environmental conditions.
Contract award: supply fuel for aviation turbine engines without anti-ice f-35, by introducing into the italian national pepeline system (nips) network in la spezia in italy