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A/JAnti-Jamming (radar)
A/JAnti/Jam or Anti/Jamming
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The mobile phone sets and anti-jamming equipment were stuffed in a less than container load (LCL) of 40 feet in 13 pallets in the name of three fake companies which were only registered with the Lahore customs, they added.
In this case, the concepts of cognition and decision-making are introduced into communication anti-jamming field.
However, these anti-jamming methodologies require systematic approaches, including additional hardware and/or software implementations, even though they provide considerable enhancement against jamming signals.
The Information Affairs Authority (IAA) announced the introduction of an anti-jamming system after the broadcaster was reportedly targeted nearly 70 times in the last two weeks.
Car security company Tracker has developed an anti-jamming device to thwart thieves who use high tech equipment to block satellite locating beams.
CAR security company Tracker has developed an anti-jamming device to thwart thieves who use hi-tech equipment to block satellite-locating beams.
The birds built under this satellite moderinsation programme were designed for the US Air Force's GPS Wing, Space and Missile Systems Center and will deliver increased GPS signal power and supply two new highly-accurate military signals that include enhanced encryption and anti-jamming capabilities.
In addition, the SF-3050 and Sapphire provide high performance in GNSS receiver sensitivity and signal tracking, as well as multi-path mitigation, interference rejection and anti-jamming capabilities, while supporting a range of high-speed I/O, including Ethernet, Bluetooth and USB capability.
Telecom companies say weakening anti-jamming legislation could lead to wider restrictions, and some consumer groups worry that prisons that jam signals could affect users outside.
Lockheed says new Air Force satellites have anti-jamming features Each of Lockheed Martin's new Global Positioning System IIR-M satellites has an upgraded antenna panel that gives them stronger signal power, the company said.