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AMATAverage Memory Access Time
AMATAnti-Materiel (bomb or mine)
AMATAgeing Management Assessment Team
AMATAsymptotic Mean Acquisition Time
AMATAutomatic Message Accounting Transmitter
AMATApplied Materials (stock symbol)
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He covers handguns, submachine guns, personal defense weapons, carbines/rifle caliber submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles/precision tactical rifles, anti-materiel rifles, machine guns, combat shotguns, grenade launchers, and miscellaneous systems, also providing dimensional data for weapons and information on designs and applications.
Yehezkel said flechette rounds would be replaced by Anti-Personnel Anti-Materiel (APAM) 105mm and 120mm shells manufactured by state-owned Israel Military Industries.
The counter-sniper anti-materiel mount enables the gunner to precisely engage with a .
31, 2011, and work on the loader's thermal weapon sights and counter-sniper anti-materiel mount is expected to be completed by Feb.
Not entirely new to Armada readers (see issue 4/2002, page 41 and 42), this modular anti-personnel and anti-materiel weapon has reached perfect maturity and is ready for production, having passed all fast and slow cook-off tests, as well as bullet impact and sympathetic detonation tests.
The instance of the anti-materiel rifle is one relatively recent case in point.
62 x 39 mm Model 1943, but the 9A-91 is very much a special forces anti-materiel and body armour penetrating weapon that can extend its utility by the addition of a 40 mm grenade launcher, a suppressor, night sights, and so on.
Its main combat role seems to be as a close range anti-materiel weapon to smash up high value targets such as electronic communication or control systems at close ranges as the maximum effective range is stated to be limited to about 200 m.
Over the last decade or so most special forces have added anti-materiel rifles to their armouries as they extend their capabilities considerably.
All manner of targets are vulnerable to the anti-materiel rifle, from helicopters to soft-skinned vehicles, but personnel are not usually included, especially at the longer ranges as the ammunition usually involved is not capable of delivering the standard of precision required.
There is no need to develop anti-materiel rifles specifically for special forces for they fall into the bracket by their very nature.