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AMATAverage Memory Access Time
AMATAnti-Materiel (bomb or mine)
AMATAgeing Management Assessment Team
AMATAsymptotic Mean Acquisition Time
AMATAutomatic Message Accounting Transmitter
AMATApplied Materials (stock symbol)
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5 mm anti-materiel sniper rifle capable of penetrating concrete strongholds, armored vehicles and helicopters.
The Barrett M82 is a notable anti-materiel and sniper rifle in current service.
The Hydra rocket family executes various roles, including anti-materiel, anti-personnel and air-to-ground suppression missions.
The M4 has been designed to provide troops with a capability to destroy armoured targets as well as enemy personnel in cover, and to provide route clearance of obstacles and anti-materiel fire missions to clear buildings during Military Operations in Urban Terrain.
7 mm AM-50 anti-materiel rifle, at least one Iranian-made Safir jeep mounted with a 107 mm multiple rocket launcher (MRL), as well as an Iranian 122 mm HM 20 MRL.
In 2005, the Austrian Steyr Mannlicher shipped 800 of these long-range bolt action anti-materiel rifles to Iran, causing US concern lest they find their way to Iraq for use against coalition forces.
Small arms for urban combat; a review of modern handguns, submachine guns, personal defense weapons, carbines, assault rifles, sniper rifles, anti-materiel rifles, machine guns, combat shotguns, grenade launchers and other weapons systems.
Plans to Introduce More Precise, Israeli Made Anti-Personnel Anti-Materiel Shell
It is now a standard sniper system for the Army and is used for long-range target engagement for both anti-materiel and anti-personnel targets.
The range of available non-lethal weapons for anti-materiel, anti-infrastructure and anti-personnel situations is increasing, said Shwaery, "It's as broad as you can imagine," he said.
The WCMD is used with existing cluster munitions, such as the CBU-87 Combined Effects Munition (CEM), -89 Gator Anti-Materiel Mine, and 97 Sensor Fuzed Weapon (SFW), to enhance accuracy by correcting for launch transients, ballistic errors, and winds aloft.