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AMMApplied Mechanics and Materials
AMMAmherst (Amtrak station code; Amherst, MA)
AMMAmerican Metal Market
AMMAutorisation de Mise sur le Marché (French: Commission of Marketing Authorization)
AMMAutorisation de Mise sur le Marche (French)
AMMArtes Marciales Mixtas (Spanish: Mixed Martial Arts)
AMMAdvanced Management Module (IBM)
AMMArmy Medical Museum (now National Museum of Health and Medicine; Silver Spring, MD)
AMMASEAN Ministerial Meeting
AMMAnnapolis Maritime Museum (Annapolis, MD)
AMMAviation Machinist's Mate (US Navy)
AMMAircraft Maintenance Manual
AMMAggressive Memory Mode
AMMAutomotive Manufacturing Malaysia
AMMAir Mass Meter
AMMAntidepressant Medication Management
AMMAussie Match Maker (dating service; Australia)
AMMAsociación Médica Mundial (Spanish)
AMMAvoidance and Minimization Measures (special status species)
AMMAssociation Médicale Mondiale
AMMAssociation of Manitoba Municipalities (Canada)
AMMAutomatic Meter Management
AMMAgnogenic Myeloid Metaplasia
AMMAmerican Mathematical Monthly
AMMAssociation of Medical Microbiologists
AMMAdministrador del Mercado Mayorista (Guatemala)
AMMAccompagnateur en Moyenne Montagne
AMMAmman, Jordan - Queen Alia International (Airport Code)
AMMAnti-Missile Missile
AMMAdvanced Maillist Manager (software)
AMMAdvantage Marketing Systems, Inc. (stock symbol)
AMMAlternative Measurement Method (Governmental Accounting Standards Board)
AMMAustralian Meteorological Magazine
AMMAirmen Memorial Museum (Suitland, MD)
AMMAssociation Médicale Missionnaire (French: Medical Missionary Association)
AMMArmy Mobility Model
AMMAcadémie de Musiques Modernes (French: Academy of Modern Music)
AMMAcoustic Mismatch Model
AMMAssociation des Maires de la Marne (French: Association of Mayors of the Marne; Marne, France)
AMMAlarm Management Module
AMMAircraft Maintenance Manager
AMMAustralian Milk Marketing
AMMAdvanced Missile Model
AMMAgent Management Module
AMMArmy Modernization Memorandum
AMMAir Mission Migration
AMMArea Manufacturing Manager
AMMAmerican Military Museum (Charleston, SC, USA)
AMMArchival Mass Memory
AMMAlarm Maintenance Multiplexer (Sprint)
AMMAssets Management Modernization
AMMArray Manifold Model
AMMAuxiliary Management Module
AMMAutonomous Minehunting and Mapping
AMMAssociated Maintenance Module
AMMAuto Metals Monitor
AMMAutomation, Metals and Minerals
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A vertically launched anti-missile missile with a range up to 120 kilometres, it is capable of intercepting all types of aerial threats, including combat aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as well as all types of missiles, including ballistic, cruise and anti-ship.
The Gulf War demonstrated the viability of anti-missile missile systems and, although original Army claims that 45 of 47 Patriot interceptors fired at Scuds hit their targets were later scaled back (and only 40 percent of Patriots deployed in Israel were effective), it's clear that the system, originally intended as a long-range aircraft interceptor, worked in principle.
According to DEBKAfile's military sources, US warships cruising opposite the Syrian coast and carrying Aegis anti-missile missiles, alongside Tomahawk cruise missiles ready for the strike on Syria, did take part in the test.
Late last month, Israel successfully tested its Arrow II anti-missile missile in the United States.
They flew over areas packed with S-300 and S-400 anti-aircraft and anti-missile missiles.
5 missile boats and Sa'ar 5 corvettes with new radars, electronic warfare systems, and anti-aircraft and anti-missile missiles.
He said that after Russia refrained from delivering the S-300 anti-missile missiles to Iran, the Defense Ministry also called for returning the sum of money that Iran had paid to Russia," he added.
The US Congress was told that the package will include Black Hawk helicopters, Patriot anti-missile missiles and two refurbished mine hunting ships.
The Obama administration told the US congress on Friday of the proposed sales, which include Black Hawk helicopters, Patriot "Advanced Capability-3" anti-missile missiles and two refurbished Osprey-class mine-hunting ships.
What a coincidence that Poland has now signed up to host American anti-missile missiles on its soil - a deal which has not surprisingly infuriated Russia to the extent of its leaders stating that any country agreeing to host America's missile system made itself a legitimate target for nuclear attack by doing so.
Israel has deployed Patriot anti-missile missiles to protect its nuclear reactor against possible attack by Iraq.
She is equipped to the highest demands of modern warfare, with Sea Wolf antiaircraft and anti-missile missiles, the Harpoon antishipping missile, the 4 1 2ins gun used in the Falklands War, under-water torpedos and a Merlin helicopter.
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