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ASBMAir to Surface Ballistic Missile
ASBMAnti-Ship Ballistic Missile (US and China)
ASBMAdvocates for Services for the Blind Multihandicapped
ASBMAsian School of Business Management
ASBMAsian Symposium on Biomedical Materials (University of Tokyo; biennial conference; est. 1993)
ASBMAssociation of Supervisory Board Members (Slovenia; corporate governance)
ASBMArm Sigma Blade Mixer (Jaygo, Inc.)
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Some commentators engage in fearmongering regarding China's carriers, new submarines and its anti-ship ballistic missile.
Elements of its program comprise a variety of anti-ship missiles--including what would be the first anti-ship ballistic missile if it is proven to work--new classes of submarines, manned aircraft, destroyers, frigates, corvettes and amphibious ships, O'Rourke said.
Chinese Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile (ASBM) Development: Drivers, Trajectories, and Strategic Implications.
China's ambitious projects include anti-satellite missiles, lasers and the DF-21A anti-ship ballistic missile that could target aircraft carriers.
One element of that is its expansion of naval power, including an anti-ship ballistic missile seen as a potential threat to U.
Critics also claimed that China's new capabilities, especially a "carrier-killing" anti-ship ballistic missile that Taiwan and the U.
Obama's missile defense strategy has eye on China President Barack Obama's missile-defense priorities include countering threats such as China's new anti-ship ballistic missile, said a Pentagon official on Monday.
China for several years has been developing and testing an anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM), referred to as the DF-21D, that is a theater-range ballistic missile equipped with a maneuverable reentry vehicle (MaRV) designed to hit moving ships at sea.
S aircraft carrier aflame in the aftermath of being struck by a Chinese anti-ship ballistic missile.
The Pentagon has been particularly concerned about the DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile, as well as air defenses and other weapons that could hit destroyers or aircraft carriers from a long distance.
And American strategists are closely watching an experimental anti-ship ballistic missile with a manoeuvrable warhead, which could make it hard for American fleets to approach the Chinese shore.