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ASBUArab States Broadcasting Union
ASBUAnti-Smoke Belching Unit (Philippines)
ASBUAnti-Social Behaviour Unit (Portsmouth City Council; UK)
ASBUAutomotive Modules and Subsystems Business Unit
ASBUAutomotive Systems Business Unit
ASBUAdvanced Solutions Business Unit (Mercury Computer Systems)
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The fellow who received a glowing commendation from Mayor Menchie Abalos of Mandaluyong City was Dondon Francisco, over-achieving head of the Mandaluyong City Anti-Smoke Belching Unit (ASBU).
A text message to the PNP Infotxt Hotline complained about the alleged extortion activities of the two officers, who were also detailed to the anti-smoke belching unit of the Quezon City Environmental Protection and Waste Management Department (EPWMD).
A member of the Pasay City Anti-Smoke Belching Unit (ASBU) who was linked to extortion activities along Roxas Boulevard was gunned down on Thursday morning.