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Under Home Secretary Theresa May's new Anti-social Behaviour Bill, which received its second reading in the House of Lords last week and is expected to be law by Christmas, children as young as 10 can receive injunctions for "causing nuisance", and older children can be jailed for breaching such injunctions.
The Liberal Democrat - who wants Asbos replaced with new measures under the Government's Anti-social Behaviour Bill - said: "These figures are further proof of why we need to replace this broken system.
The Government are in the process of abolishing ASBOs through the anti-social behaviour bill in the Commons during which Labour opposed the abolition.
The Anti-Social Behaviour Bill in last week's Queen's Speech is said to add to efforts to tackle crime.
The Home Office's Draft Anti-Social Behaviour Bill, currently before Parliament, says the new public spaces protection orders -- previously referred to as community protection orders in an earlier White Paper -- will have to be approved by the chief constable of the local police force, a higher hurdle than is in operation now.
Days before Andrew was shot on October 15 last year, the Anti-social Behaviour Bill, one of whose aims was to clamp down on gun crime, came into effect.
Mr Kellet, team leader for the Scottish Parliament's Anti-social Behaviour Bill, will be expected to build bridges with his US diplomatic colleagues.
Exclusion zones were introduced as part of the legislation within the government's anti-social behaviour bill.
Mr Field is drawing up his own anti-social behaviour Bill.
SO the anti-social behaviour bill has finally made it through Parliament.