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ASBIAmerican Segmental Bridge Institute
ASBIAnti-Social Behaviour Injunction (legal)
ASBIAlcohol Screening and Brief Intervention (targeted prevention)
ASBIAssociação Sul-Brasileira de Intercâmbio (Portuguese: South Brazilian Exchange Association)
ASBIAverage Symptom Burden Index
ASBIAnholt State Brands Index (state ranking)
ASBIAnti-Social Behaviour Initiative (UK)
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An anti-social behaviour injunction on the teenager was agreed by Cardiff Youth Court on September 7 after an application by Cardiff council and South Wales Police.
An anti-social behaviour injunction was agreed by Cardiff Youth Court on September 7 after an application by Cardiff council and South Wales Police.
FEBRUARY 2013: Given an Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction, which bans him from entering Chirton Grange and Preston Grange estates, in North Shields, for two years.
The council took both the threats to the tenant, and the criminal damage to the gate seriously, and offered to make an emergency application for an Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction to protect the tenant.
A SHELTERED housing tenant found guilty of breaching an anti-social behaviour injunction has been given a last chance to behave by a judge.
The 31-year-old was jailed for eight months on Monday after appearing in Coventry County Court after breaching the terms of an anti-social behaviour injunction.
A full anti-social behaviour injunction for 12 months was also granted against Mr Skelhorn which will run until August 2013.
This is an anti-social behaviour injunction and if it is breached it can carry a prison sentence of up to two years and judges don't look very sympathetically on people who breach their orders.
A BATLEY teenager has been sent to prison for breaching an anti-social behaviour injunction.
Leeds City Council imposed an anti-social behaviour injunction banning Miss Duffin from playing loud music from 11pm to 7am at her home in Heights Drive, Leeds.
However, a judge at Birmingham County Court recently issued an anti-social behaviour injunction against Owens which bans her from her former neighbourhood.
Thornton was sentenced at Birmingham Country Court to 20 weeks in prison after breaking an anti-social behaviour injunction - a civil court ASBO - under which he was required to keep the peace.