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The Kenya National Disaster Operations Centre said in a tweet late on Monday night that officers from the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit arrested two men who were in the vehicle in the Changamwe area of the coastal city.
The most recent one was on Jan 9, when a suicide car bomber in Karachi killed the head of the Southern city's anti-terrorism police unit, known for hunting down militants.
A Kenyan anti-terrorism police unit source also said a British citizen of Somali origin was detained after missing his flight at Nairobi airport, and was now being questioned.
On Wednesday, Kenya's head of Anti-Terrorism Police Unit ruled out terrorism as the cause of the fire.
In Kenya, Anti-Terrorism Police Unit chief Boniface Mwaniki said police were checking their records to confirm whether Adebolajo had been in their custody.
Tuesday's high-profile assault on a anti-terrorism police unit in Baghdad was the latest in a drive by the Islamic State of Iraq, al Qaeda local affiliate, to make good on a pledge to win back ground lost in its war with American troops - its leader has even threatened to strike at the United States.
Thirtysomething Yaron (Yiftach Klein) is part of an elite anti-terrorism police unit of the Israeli government, tacitly allowed to perform undercover assassinations of Arab enemies.
"We have handed him over to the anti-terrorism police unit department," Nyongesa said.
An explosion killed the head of an Iraqi anti-terrorism police unit and four of his bodyguards in a northern town that is home to large Shiite population.
According to the Anatolian Agency, the suspects were freed after questioning by a Turkish prosecutor at an anti-terrorism police unit.
A senior official of Kenya's anti-terrorism police unit said the country remained at risk of attacks despite increased security.
class="font-size--16 MsoNormalInvestigating officer Fredrick Ouma further told the court that Mr Adan was found with mobile phones, which were sent to the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit experts for analysis.