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ATTFAnti-Terrorism Task Force
ATTFAgence de Transfert de Technologie Financière (French: Financial Technology Transfer Agency; Luxembourg)
ATTFAssociation des Techniciens Supérieurs Territoriaux de France (French: Association of Senior Territorial Technicians of France)
ATTFAir Toxics Task Force
ATTFAll Things That Fly (podcast)
ATTFAdvanced Technology Task Force (US DOT)
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Chief Minister of KPK Pervez Khattak, in a special meeting of the cabinet, approved the establishment of an anti-terrorism task force which would be led by the Inspector General of Police and comprise members of all law enforcement and intelligence agencies including Army and paramilitary.
Various proposals such as the establishment of SAARC Police and SAARC Anti-Terrorism Task Force have failed to receive consensus support.
There is definitely an agenda."Reed is an anti-terrorism task force officer in the United States.
Early on Monday, a joint anti-terrorism task force carried out a series of raids in an area of the Queens borough of New York where he had visited over the weekend.
Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program Director Charles Lutz was honored by Philippine Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita, who presented him with the Outstanding Achievement Medal for training and advising the Philippine Anti-Terrorism Task Force. The medal is the Philippines' third highest civilian award.
A vulnerability to shoulder-fired missiles has been revealed at two airports in the Philippines due to their locations near busy public streets and residential areas, according to Benjamin Defensor, head of the anti-terrorism task force of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum.
As head of the APEC anti-terrorism task force, the Philippines will reiterate the need to respond swiftly to terrorism through intelligence-sharing and counterterrorism drills among member countries, Arroyo said.
The Anti-Terrorism Task Force, under the auspices of the Prime Minister's Office, has not withdrawn its warning against travel to Sinai, issued in light of "specific and well-based intelligence" indicating plans to kidnap vacationing Israelis there.
"The fact that there was going to be an attack was known to the intelligence community," said Ric Blancaflor, executive director of a Philippine anti-terrorism task force. "The problem always is how to get the exact details."
"The city already has an annual inspection requirement and it is totally unclear to me what they would be doing in addition to what they are doing right now," said REBNY president Steven Spinola "The owners in New York already hired the best professionals in the country to help them deal with this issue, in addition to which we run fire seminars and have organized an anti-terrorism task force. Other than being a revenue generator, it is unclear what this legislation will accomplish.
The ministers agreed there needed to be more sharing of information between national police agencies and that anti-terrorism Task Force of the EU Police Office Europol should be beefed up.
Less well known, but no less embarrassing, was Cheney's leadership of the pre-9/11 anti-terrorism task force. In spring 2001, rather than back congressional efforts to implement the findings of the Hart-Rudman commission, Cheney opted to spearhead his own group, to put the administration's stamp on whatever reforms occurred.