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AVMAutomated Valuation Model
AVMAround View Monitor (vehicles)
AVMArteriovenous Malformation
AVMAlisveris Merkezi (Turkish: Shopping Center)
AVMAir Vice-Marshal
AVManti Virus Monitor
AVMAtm Voice Multiplexer
AVMAround View Monitor
AVMAvailability Manager
AVMAudio Visual Management
AVMAutomated Volume Management
AVMAudio Visual Machines (UK)
AVMAutomatic Vehicle Monitoring
AVMAdvanced Video Movement (Fujitsu General)
AVMAutomated Valuation Method
AVMApplication Virtual Machine (software)
AVMGuided Missile Ship
AVMAudiovisuelles Marketing und Computersysteme GmbH
AVMA Vos Marques (French: On Your Marks)
AVMAutomatic Voting Machine
AVMAlta Vista Manor (Ottawa, ON, Canada)
AVMAdjoint Variable Method
AVMAnti-Vehicle Mine
AVMAtelier de Vitrification de Marcoule (French)
AVMAnti Vibration Mounting
AVMAirborne Vibration Monitoring
AVMApplication Value Management
AVMAnti-Virus Monitor (software)
AVMAirborne Vapor Monitor
AVMAdvanced Vehicle Modifications, Inc.
AVMAdvanced Vector Magnetometer
AVMAtmospheric Visibility Monitor
AVMAnti-Virus Management (computer safety)
AVMApproved Vendor Material
AVMAccess Verification Management
AVMAgence Vinicole Masson (French: Masson Winery Agency)
AVMAnnunciator Voice Message
AVMAutomated Vendor Management
AVMATM Voice Multiplex
AVMApiary Vicinity Mating (apiculture)
AVMAdministration View Module
AVMAchat Vente de Matériels et Matériaux pour le Bâtiment (French: Purchasing and Selling of Equipment for Construction Materials)
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Canada is retaining one mine, the FFV 028 anti-vehicle mine, which appears to have anti-personnel capability in this way.
A report on the impact of anti-vehicle mines (AVMs) - published this year by a coalition of humanitarian organizations - found that Ukraine has had the most AVM-related incidents and highest number of casualties in the world over the past two years.
BEIRUT: The Mines Advisory Group (MAG) Lebanon office issued a report on Friday saying that it had removed and destroyed 451 hazardous "remnants of conflict" - which include anti-personnel and anti-vehicle mines, submunitions and unexploded ordnance items - over an area of 341,925 square meters during the month of August.
No arrests were made during the raid, but a nearby vehicle search revealed a "very substantial haul" of weapons including a heavy machine gun, seven rockets, a rocket propelled grenade and launcher, 22 hand grenades, two anti-vehicle mines, more than five kilos of explosives, more than 300 rounds of small arms ammunition and other quantities of weapon-making equipment.
The term MOTAPM does not have a formal definition but is a cumbersome short-form for anti-vehicle mines (also called anti-tank mines).
Dan Matthews of the Third Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment: These NCOs were serving in Afghanistan when a jeep carrying their section commander and two other soldiers struck a number of anti-vehicle mines.
EU Member States still stock and use anti-vehicle mines, which are just as deadly for civilians as anti personnel mines.
The ANP also seized weapons besides defusing several roadside bombs and anti-vehicle mines, the statement said, without saying if there were any casualties on the side of security forces.
Three Kalashnikovs, a machine gun, 18 bombs, 35 kilograms of explosives, 12 anti-vehicle mines and three motorcycles were seized by Afghan and foreign forces, said a ministry statement.
A number of arms and ammunitions including 110 anti-personnel and anti-vehicle mines has also been seized by police, it farther said.
The ANP also discovered and confiscated nine AK-47 guns with 10 magazines, one PKM machine gun, four pistols, nine different types of weapons, six anti-vehicle mines, eight hand grenades, 25 heavy bullets, 62 light bullets, 70 kg Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), eight kg chemical materials and four motorbikes in the above operations, it said.