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AVTAsociación Víctimas del Terrorismo (Victims of Terrorism Association; Spain)
AVTAutonomous Vehicle Team (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
AVTApplied Vehicle Technology
AVTAnti-Viral Therapy
AVTAudio Video Transport
AVTAnalog Video Tuner
AVTAttribute Value Template
AVTAppliance Virtual Target
AVTActive Voice Technology
AVTAmbient Vibration Testing (civil engineering)
AVTAllied Vision Technologies (est. 1989)
AVTAudio Video Technology (various organizations)
AVTAdvisory Visiting Teacher (Australia)
AVTAudiovisual Translation
AVTAdult Vocational Training
AVTAssistive Voting Technology (Canada)
AVTAudio/Visual Transport
AVTAdvanced Vehicle Technologies
AVTAll-Volatile Treatment
AVTAvailable Time
AVTTraining Aircraft Carrier
AVTAuto Volume Transfer
AVTAutomatic Video Tracker
AVTAdaptive Visualization Technology (DVTel/OmniVee Ltd.)
AVTArchitecture Verification Test
AVTAir Velocity Transducer
AVTApplication Virtual Terminal
AVTAviation Medicine Technician
AVTAutomatic Vessel Tracking
AVTAudio/Visual Tutorial
AVTAudio-Visual Terminal (WorldCom)
AVTAppendage Vector Table
AVTArginine Vastocin
AVTAudio Vidéo Transmission (French: Audio Video Transmission; Livry-Gargan, France)
AVTApplied Voice Technologies Ltd.
AVTAutomated Verification Testing
AVTApplication Vertical Test program
AVTArmored Veritech Fighter (Macross)
AVTAutomatic Vertical Tabulation
AVTApollo Validation Test
AVTAnti-Viral Toolkit
AVTAir-Vibrating Table
AVTAd Valorem Tariff
AVTAccelerated Vesication Test (electronics)
AVTArchitecture Ville et Territoire (French: Architecture and City Planning; Avignon, France)
AVTArtisan, Village and Tiny (Industries)
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Prioritizing anti-viral therapy for inmates with HCV will be a daunting challenge as the standard of care evolves to the universal treatment of all patients with HCV.
Thus, if patients with this type of infection were included in the trials, the potential benefit of anti-viral therapy may be diluted (as may be the case for the Sullivan et al and Engstrom et al studies).7,17
Prompt, reliable diagnoses will benefit patients because they will be more likely to be prescribed appropriate anti-viral therapy and less likely to receive unnecessary therapies such as antibiotics.
Anti-viral therapy should be used if a diagnosis of HBV is established as a result of a positive HBV-DNA test.
successfully completed his course of IV anti-viral therapy at home.
The Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust said: "Although the patient responded to anti-viral therapy as soon it was started over a week ago, he developed respiratory disease and had to be put on a ventilator.
"We are sitting on the edge of a pandemic, which we have managed to temporarily halt by anti-viral therapy.
"In future AIDS anti-viral therapy there are going to be drugs targeted toward different enzymes or different parts of the viral replication cycle."
Knowledge of the prevalence of liver damage will help decision making regarding screening for the effects of hepatitis C, when to start anti-viral therapy and the need for follow-up counselling, explained Stuart Gordon, lead researcher and director of Hepatology at Henry Ford Hospital.
Indeed, in addition to anti-viral therapy, the paper's senior author, Samuel A.
Even if not eradicating HCV, conventional anti-viral therapy is able to halt the progress of necroinflammation and fibrosis, and, hence, hepatocellular carcinoma.
The product has been developed for anti-viral therapy by the French company's co-founder and president, Philippe Halfon, BioLineRx said in a press release on Tuesday.