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AWAntwort (German: Answer)
AWAll Weather
AWAddison Wesley (publisher)
AWGap Wedge (golf club)
AWAny Way
AWAlien Ware (computers)
AWAllied Waste Industries (stock symbol; Phoenix, AZ)
AWAnchor (Well) Site West
AWArticle of War
AWAirlift Wing
AWAll Welcome
AWArc Welding
AWArsene Wenger (soccer player)
AWAngkor Wat (ancient temple; Cambodia)
AWAttention Whore
AWArmstrong Whitworth (UK aircraft)
AWArrogant Worms (band)
AWAnother World
AWAdvance Wars (game)
AWAtomic Weight
AWAnti-Wear (hydraulic oil, additives)
AWArctic Warfare
AWAutomatic Weapons
AWAir Wing
AWAmerican Wood (timber facility)
AWAtomic Wedgie
AWAbove Water
AWAllstar Weekend (band)
AWAssociate Warden (prisons)
AWAmerican Whitewater (Cullowhee, NC)
AWAviation Warfare Systems Operator (USN rating)
AWAttack Warning
AWA-Wing (Star Wars fighter)
AWAnchor Winch
AWAmerican Woods
AWApproach Wedge (golf)
AWAir Warfare
AWAfter War (Gundam X animated series)
AWAntiair Warfare
AWActual Weight
AWAuction Watch (auction-tool site)
AWAnswer Wizard
AWAnalytic Workspace
AWAir Watt (vacuum cleaners)
AWAir Warrior
AWArchitektur + Wettbewerbe (German: Architecture + Competitions; trade magazine)
AWAstral Weeks (Van Morrison album)
AWAir Warning
AWActive Well
AWAcid Waste
AWAdvice Wanted
AWAss Wipe
AWAddress Word
AWAdministrative Weight
AWAndrée Watters
AWAcoustic Warfare
AWAlbright & Wilson
AWAuxiliary Winding (voltage regulation)
AWAdmission Weight (Cisco)
AWA. A. Weinman (designer's mark on US coins)
AWAlpha Whiskey
AWAssymetric Warfare (US Army)
AWArchimedes World (magazine)
AWAcroWizard (Anvil Logic, Inc.)
AWAssam Watch (UK human rights group)
AWAirborne Antisubmarine Warfare
AWAkela's World (BSA)
AWAuthentication Word
AW(USN Rating) Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Operator
AWAntagonist Wing (The Wrath of the Empire)
AWArea Wedge (golfing)
AWWater Distilling or Storage Ship
AWAmphibious Warfare/All Weather
AWArchitectutral Window (Americal Architectural Manufacturers Association rating)
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Italmatch's product portfolio is in special synthetic base stock and anti-wear additives.
The ICL Oil Additives business provides high quality phosphorus pentasulfide used in the preparation of ZDDP-based lubricant additives, in critical engine anti-wear solutions that lead to prolonged combustion engine function, as well as in pesticide and mining chemicals applications.
Smoother gear shifts and better anti-clutch slippage are easily apparent with Total Hi Perfs' anti-wear and anti-corrosion benefits, promising complete protection and ultimate performance for your bike, whether on the road or on the race track.
In addition the new aerosol lubricant provides anti-wear, water resistance and rust and corrosion protection associated with demanding mining and heavy industry equipment applications.
To formulate differential gear oils, phosphorus anti-wear (AW) and sulfurous extreme pressure (EP) agents are widely employed to avoid wear, seizure, and other damages at bearings or gears [9-10].
Providing anti-wear performance to protect gears and hydraulic pump components under heavy loads and pressures
The Battle Born HP-Pro Lubricant and Protectant (left) is a blend of synthetic oils subjected to extreme pressure and treated with corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidants and anti-foam and anti-wear additives.
95 and features a blend of synthetic oils treated with corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidants, anti-foam and anti-wear additives.
The extreme pressure and anti-wear properties allow it to deposit and deliver suspended food grade white-graphite after prolonged exposure to high temperatures, reducing energy consumption and friction.
The oil is a blend of the finest synthetic oils available and treated with the most effective extreme pressure, corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidant, anti-foam, and anti-wear additives.
The process improvement effort resulted in important changes in the design of the chute liners to improve maintenance efficiency by streamlining the changeover of anti-wear plates.