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AAGAssociation of American Geographers (Washington, DC)
AAGAmerican Association of Geographers (Washington, DC)
AAGAssistant Attorney General
AAGAboriginal Art Gallery (Australia)
AAGAlaska Air Group (aviation)
AAGAir and Ground (freight transportation services)
AAGat a Glance
AAGAllgemeine Anthroposophische Gesellschaft (German: General Anthroposophical Society)
AAGAustralian Association of Gerontology
AAGAsia-America Gateway (submarine communications cable system)
AAGAllied Arts Guild (Menlo Park, CA)
AAGAsociación Argentina de Golf
AAGAssistant Adjutant General
AAGAdvanced Arresting Gear
AAGAssistant Auditor General
AAGAcademic Advisory Group (various organizations)
AAGAffirmative Action Group (Zimbabwe)
AAGAnti-Aircraft Gun
AAGArithmetic Algebraic Geometry (math conference)
AAGAeromedical Airlift Group
AAGAustralian Acoustic Generator (minesweeping device)
AAGAlpha-Acid Glycoprotein
AAGArmy Artillery Group (Opposing Forces)
AAGAcute Angle Closure Glaucoma
AAGAssociation of American Geologists
AAGAthletics Association of Guyana (formerly Amateur Athletic Association of Guyana)
AAGAsociación Audubon de Guatemala (Audubon Association of Guatemala)
AAGAmis Aquariophiles Gouesnou (French: Aquarist Friends Gouesnou; Gouesnou, France)
AAGAS/400 Advocacy Group (IBM AS/400 midrange system)
AAGAnciennes Automobiles du Gier (French car club)
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The book is weak on anti-aircraft guns, for example, and still more negligent of submarines.
Forensic investigation has ruled out the possibility that our plane might have been hit by anti-aircraft gun," the General Staff said in a statement without giving an exact reason for the downing of the plane.
The hoard, which may have belonged to al-Qaeda, included an anti-aircraft gun, rocket launchers, mortars, plastic explosives, kits to make bombs, AK-47 rifles and boxes of ammunition.
ARMOURY The rusting barrel of an anti-aircraft gun on the deck of the
In addition, the gallant troops recovered 1 Gun truck, 1 Anti-Aircraft Gun, 1 Machine Gun, a Pistol, large quantity of Anti-Aircraft Gun ammunition, a 120mm Mortar Base Plate and a Dane Gun.
Jails should shoot down drugs drones REGARDING the story in the Birmingham Mail (August 16) about the deadly Black Mamba drug being flown into a Staffordshire prison by drones, perhaps prisons should now have an anti-aircraft gun on the roof and shoot down these drones before they can drop their cargo
Ds, 49 fuses, an anti-aircraft gun, 95 boxes of anti-aircraft gun rounds, one RPG rocket and rounds of different other weapons.
South Korean spies have alleged that dictatorial North Korean leader Kim Jong Un recently had five security officials brutally executed with an anti-aircraft gun, according to an (https://www.
7 mm Anti-Aircraft Gun Course at Pakistan Army Firing Range in Kotri, Sindh.
The statement added that "/ 9 / raids were directed at Syria near Hasaka, Ain Issa, Deir al-Zour and Manbej targeted tactical units and combat outposts and anti-aircraft gun in addition to the gas and oil station was exploited by organizing Daash.
Claims about anti-aircraft gun crews being exhausted are not correct.
Women worked in everything from anti-aircraft gun batteries to steel-making factories.