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It is a shame but we have done it now and we are still the first people to do it anti-clockwise.
Figures 1 shows a student using her angle eaters and Figure 2 shows a work sample, where the student "successfully created a path from Point A to Point B and articulated how to get there using the appropriate language of clockwise and anti-clockwise, direction and degree of turn".
The anti-clockwise carriageway remains open but traffic is moving very slowly.
The stainless steel stirring hook and bowl both rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise ensuring that even the maximum amount of dough is accessed equally and with even pressure.
The work, which is expected to take 10 weeks, will begin in the south-east corner of the cemetery, continuing in an anti-clockwise direction, rebuilding and repointing as required, followed by the preparation and painting of the railings.
The first rotation, in an anti-clockwise direction, flushes the circuit downstream on the probe side, and is then followed by a clockwise rotation to disconnect the body and probe.
First you take your whip around your head anti-clockwise a couple of times,' he said.
In 1881 it started out again from the bourg, but followed this time an anti-clockwise course .
In order to grasp the same bottle laid horizontally, an anti-clockwise rotation would be used.
At its head it swings into a natural anti-clockwise turn around the well.
Tailbacks stretched from junction 1 back to junction 5 near Princess Parkway following the collision on the anti-clockwise carriageway at around 3.