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"The Junction Three slip road on the anti-clockwise carriageway and lanes one and two are currently closed.
Drivers are being advised to follow signs with a hollow triangle symbol for a diversion anti-clockwise or to follow the hollow square symbol signs for a clockwise diversion via the A1, A406, and A10.
The trio were the first to complete the route in an anti-clockwise direction and the youngest to do so.
The revolving work surface is electronic and can be programmed with the rotation angles of 90deg or 45deg and with clockwise or anti-clockwise motion.
The study suggested either clockwise movement from Benito Juarez Marg or anti-clockwise movement from RTR Marg.
anti-clockwise rotatable docking station, designed to allow users to view their
Insert the key and turn anti-clockwise. You should hear hissing as the air escapes.
After the batter hits the ball, he or she runs anti-clockwise, passing a series of markers on the way.
If you place it curved side down on a smooth flat surface, you can spin it anti-clockwise quite readily.
"The anti-clockwise carriageway remains open but traffic is moving very slowly.
The stainless steel stirring hook and bowl both rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise ensuring that even the maximum amount of dough is accessed equally and with even pressure.
Windmills always turn anti-clockwise, except for the windmills in Ireland.