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The extract exhibited significant anti-diarrheal activity against castor oil induced diarrhea in laboratory albino rats.
CVME) (Family; Capparidaceae) for its anti-diarrheal potential against some of the experimental models of diarrhea in rats.
Data support the use of Fulyzaq[TM] as an orally administered, anti-secretory anti-diarrheal agent that may provide relief to patients through the inhibition of chloride secretion into the gut.
A07 anti-diarrheal, intestinal anti-inflammatories.
In some patients, a persistent anti-diarrheal effect was seen for 20 weeks.
Medical Futures is focused on gastroenterology, pain control and women's heath with products including Florastor, an anti-diarrheal probiotic, Iberogast, an all natural prokinetic medicine containing nine herbal extracts, Mutaflor, a probiotic that normalises stool frequency and consistency in both diarrhea and constipation, and Proferrin, an iron supplement.
coli, thus it is better to avoid anti-diarrheal medicines and not prevent bowel movements or vomiting.
Europe and Japan, and for all human anti-diarrheal indications.
The contract is the supply of pharmaceuticals to the needs of the contracting authority in the structure: Pharmaceutical products, Medicinal products for acid related disorders, Medicinal products for functional gastrointestinal disorders, Medicinal products for the alimentary tract and metabolism, Anti-diarrheal, intestinal anti-inflammatory / anti-infective agents, insulin, drugs used in diabetes, vitamins, mineral supplements, medicines for the alimentary tract and metabolism, antithrombotic agents, Antihemorrhagic
Anti-diarrheal medications for supportive therapy were used by 85% of patients in the study.
And our recently launched Diarrid, an anti-diarrheal brand, is quickly taking shape to not only gain space on the loperamide HCl section of the store shelf but also to assist in growing the loperamide category by drawing new consumers into it.
The anti-diarrheal category continues to be a top gainer, thanks to the 1988 OTC switch of loperimide, an effective drug ingredient.
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