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Crofelemer acts as an anti-secretory, anti-diarrheal agent that works locally in the GI lumen and exhibits minimal systemic absorption.
Key words: Cleome viscosa, CVME, entire plant, methanol extract, anti-diarrheal
Patients who received concomitant anti-diarrheal medications or opiates were counted as clinical non-responders.
Crofelemer is a novel, first-in-class anti-diarrheal agent that has a physiological and different mechanism of action from traditional anti-diarrheal agents.
Crofelemer is a first-in-class anti-diarrheal botanical drug substance.
Contract awarded for acquisition of antiviral, astringente dermatologico, antihypertensive family of ace inhibitors, anti-ulcer, anti-diarrheal and anti-migraine.
Crofelemer is a gut-targeted, orally administered, anti-secretory, anti-diarrheal agent that has minimal absorption.
Other McNeil Consumer Healthcare brands include BENADRYL, ZYRTEC and ZYRTEC-D allergy medicines; IMODIUM A-D anti-diarrheal, MOTRIN IB; and SUDAFED and SUDAFED PE nasal decongestants.
To contribute to the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol by strengthening the national access and benefit-sharing (ABS) framework and facilitating access to genetic resources of guanacos for the development of an anti-diarrheal treatment.
Will be used to develop a new anti-diarrheal drug for use in the developing world
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