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AMLAnti-Money Laundering
AMLAcute Myeloid Leukemia
AMLAcute Myelogenous Leukemia
AMLAbandoned Mine Land
AMLAcute Monocytic Leukemia (also seen as AMOL)
AMLAcute Myeloblastic Leukemia
AMLAzure Machine Learning (Microsoft)
AMLAnne-Marie Losique (Canadian television personality)
AMLAgent Modeling Language (computing)
AMLAcute Myelocytic Leukemia
AMLActon Main Line (UK; railway station)
AMLAdded Main Line
AMLAdvanced Media Library
AMLAbstract Machine Language
AMLAutomated Mixed Media Library
AMLAston Martin Lagonda
AMLAdaptive Multi Line
AMLAsn1 Markup Language
AMLAcronym Master List
AMLAdditional Maternity Leave (UK)
AMLAll My Love
AMLApplication Markup Language (programming)
AMLAthletic Mic League (band)
AMLAgriculture and Markets Law (New York)
AMLAmerican Microsystems Ltd
AMLARC Macro Language
AMLAdvanced Measurement Laboratory (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
AMLAir Malawi (ICAO code)
AMLAnterior Mitral Leaflet
AMLACPI Machine Language
AMLAdjustable Mortgage Loan
AMLApplied Microsystems Ltd. (Canada)
AMLApproximate Maximum Likelihood (estimator)
AMLA Manufacturing Language (robotics programming language)
AMLApproved Manufacturer List
AMLAeronautical Materials Laboratory (US Navy)
AMLAdvanced Materials Laboratory
AMLAstronomical Markup Language
AMLAcquisition Master List (US Air Force)
AMLAircraft Maintenance License
AMLAriba Markup Language
AMLApplied Mathematics Laboratory
AMLAdaptive Modeling Language
AMLArea Medical Laboratory
AMLAmerican Medical Laboratories, Inc.
AMLAdministrative Message designated to Law Enforcement (Kansas)
AMLArchive for Mathematical Logic
AMLApproved Materials List
AMLAston Martin Lagonda Limited
AMLAmrad Corporation Limited
AMLAdditional Military Layer(s)
AMLAll My Loving (Beatles song)
AMLActual Measured Loss
AMLAmerican Mensa, Limited
AMLAsk Me Later
AMLAcronym Master List (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
AMLAssociation des Maires du Loiret (French: Association of Mayors of Loiret; Loiret, France)
AMLASN.1 Markup Language
AMLAcademia Medicinae Latviensis (Latvia)
AMLAutomated Mixed-media Library
AMLAnterior MidLine (front part of the body divided by an imaginary line through its center)
AMLArmy Medical Laboratory
AMLAirfield Marking and Lighting
AMLAmplitude-modulated Microwave Link
AMLAlteration Material List (US Navy Ship Alteration Record Term)
AMLAurora Macro Language
AMLAteliers Mécaniques de Lambersart (French: Lambersart Mechanical Workshops; Lambersart, France)
AMLAdaptive Maneuvering Logic
AMLAlliance pour une Médecine Libérale
AMLAdmiralty Materials Lab (UK)
AMLAircraft Technical Manual List (TMINS)
AMLAmplitude Modulation with Noise Limiter
AMLAlternate Materials List
AMLAddition Modulo Length (coding scheme)
AMLAlletess Medical Laboratory (Rockland, Massachusetts)
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The two agencies are to cooperate under the Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) framework.
The post Jordan Ahli Bank fined for anti-money laundering shortcomings appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Attempts to trace and recover the money encountered several setbacks, as casinos are excluded from the coverage of the countrys present anti-money laundering laws, do not require, he pointed out.
We are committed to upholding our credibility by providing the best services to our customers, and with SAS Anti-Money Laundering solution, we can automatically identify and classify suspicious banking transactions.
The committee opposed the section 192,194 and 13 of anti-money laundering bill which are dealing the tax crimes.
IdentityMind Global is recognized as the leading provider of anti-money laundering and compliance services for bitcoin and virtual currency companies across four continents, and offers the most advanced compliance platform for virtual currencies.
Solveig Nicklos, director, said: "BIBF has gone beyond the awareness boundary by creating greater opportunities in career development and protecting the financial industry and the economy at large by advancing anti-money laundering professionals in the Mena region.
The revised regulation titled: 'Declaration by travellers entering or leaving the UAE carrying cash and monetary/financial bearer instruments' is a culmination of efforts of the National Anti-Money Laundering Committee, the Central Bank of the UAE, the Federal Customs Authority and the various Customs Departments in the Emirates.
com/amlfaq) covers virtually all facets of anti-money laundering requirements, from basic background information to the convergence of anti-money laundering and anti-fraud programs.
the United States or the United Kingdom) can have comprehensive anti-money laundering laws on its books and conduct aggressive anti-money laundering enforcement efforts but can still be classified a "Primary Concern" jurisdiction.
The Studies and Economic Center urged on Saturday Parliament to quickly pass the anti-money laundering and terrorist financing legislation that was sent to it in November 2007.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-1 December 2009-Norkom supplies software suite to CNP Assurances to support 3rd European Anti-Money Laundering Directive(C)1994-2009 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
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