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The project studied fruits with strong anti-oxidant activity - for use by the food and pharmaceutical industries - and with anti-inflammatory properties.
HEALTHY OPTION GM tomatoes have extra disease-fighting anti-oxidants
The authors describe the debatable modulating role of phenolic natural products in balancing oxidation and anti-oxidation suggesting that these redox-active molecules may play dual roles and their behaviour to act as prooxidants or anti-oxidants depends on the microoxygen environment of the cells.
4 CHERRIES, especially tart cherries, are exceptionally rich in anti-oxidants, such as lutein, zeaxanthin and beta carotene.
Conclusion: The results support the hypothesis that sufficient anti-oxidant capacity has a beneficial effect on the clinical severity of acute ischaemic stroke.
Both naturally-occurring compounds are anti-oxidants and support the body's own sun protection mechanisms.
Around the world many 'super-fruits' are being promoted on the strength of their naturally high anti-oxidant capacity.
Nourish your skin and give it a fruity wake-up call with this new anti-oxidant blueberry water booster.
Moisturising alone is not going to keep you fresh through the decades but using products with advanced ingredients, anti-oxidant support, and anti-aging properties is key.
They conclude: "A small daily treat of dark chocolate may substantially increase the amount of anti-oxidant intake and beneficially affect vascular health
The chemical compound in the sprouts is sulforaphane, an anti-oxidant that attacks the bacterium in its earliest stages of growth.
A plant in Jubail for Gulf Stabilisers Industries (GSD) came on stream on April 9, 2001 producing 2,000 t/y of no dust blends (NDB), a combination of anti-oxidant additives, 3,000 t/y of anox-20 (a primary anti-oxidant that increases polymer longevity), and 2,500 t/y of either anox-PP-18 or alkanox 240 (primary & secondary anti-oxidants).