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APWAssemblée Populaire de Wilaya (French: Wilaya People's Assembly; Wilaya, Algeria)
APWAll Pro Wrestling
APWAdd Printer Wizard
APWAverage Piece Weight (scales; Ohaus Corporation)
APWAngiosperm Phylogeny Website
APWAdd-Printer Wizard (Microsoft Windows)
APWAugmented Plane Wave
APWAltmar Parish Williamstown (School District; Parish, New York)
APWApparent Polar Wander
APWAortopulmonary Window (indentation of the left side of the mediastinum by the lung seen on chest x-ray)
APWApax Partners Worldwide (various locations)
APWAir Pressurized Water (fire extinguisher)
APWAll Ports Warning (police suspect warning)
APWAgreement for Performance of Work
APWAverage Productive Worker
APWAqueous Parts Washer
APWApia, Samoa - Faleolo (Airport Code)
APWAverage Production Wage (economics)
APWAffiliated Psychoanalytic Workgroups (UK)
APWArbeitsdatei PIOS Waffen
APWAlbany Poetry Workshop (Albany, California)
APWAssociation of Professional Women
APWAnnual Work Plan
APWAnti-Personnel Weapon
APWAmerican Prisoner of War
APWAllied Pressure Washing Services Ltd (Dublin, Ireland)
APWAlbany Perforated Wrapping Paper Company
APWAction Potential-Like Waveform
APWAudit Planning Worksheet
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One of the most sophisticated systems in this category is the saclos wire-guided Saab Bofors Dynamics Bill 2, which is basically an overflight missile but can also be employed in a direct attack against an unarmoured target as well as an overflight anti-personnel weapon.
The weapon's armoury was also empty while outside, riot shields, helmets and other pieces of police anti-personnel weapons were being carried by the separatists.
Research on the internet showed the item, about the size of a rifle, bore a striking resemblance to Portuguese swivel guns, used as anti-personnel weapons on ships in the 16th Century.
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that exactly 11 years ago, governments, international organizations, parliamentarians and civil society gathered for the historic signing of the land-mine convention which banned those anti-personnel weapons.