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A spokesman for Whitefriars said: "We treat all cases of anti-social behaviour seriously.
A spokesman for the Loftus neighbourhood police said: "Foot and mobile patrols were increased and members of the public were encouraged to report anti-social behaviour to the police.
During November there was an eight percent reduction compared to the same month in 2013, with a 24% reduction in youth-related anti-social behaviour.
The special constables have also made 21 arrests and stopped over 150 people in the Knowsley area since April in relation to anti-social behaviour offences.
Neighbourhood Inspector Jim Gray said: "We're committed to addressing the issues that are affecting our communities, be it crime or anti-social behaviour related.
David Ford said: Tackling anti-social behaviour is a priority for the Executive to be addressed through my Department s Community Safety Strategy.
Calls reporting anti-social behaviour typically increase around Halloween and Bonfire Night.
The most common form of anti-social behaviour experienced or witnessed - by around one-in-eight, or 12% - was drink-related behaviour, the ONS added.
This is not about enforcement, it's about education and preventing anti-social behaviour.
The overall crime rate has fallen by 16% and anti-social behaviour is down by 35% since last year.
Karen, who has already started her new role, said: "Every year in Walsall several people log complaints of anti-social behaviour but often that's as far as they are prepared to take it because they are worried about the possible repercussions.
The initiative has been implemented in part of Royden Road, in Overchurch, by Wirral Anti-Social Behaviour Team, together with Merseyside Police and landlord Wirral Partnership Homes, with the support of residents.