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ASPDAttack Speed (gaming slang)
ASPDAnti-Social Personality Disorder
ASPDAltamonte Springs Police Department (Altamonte, FL, USA)
ASPDAssociation of Specialist Providers to Dentists (UK)
ASPDAssistant State Public Defender
ASPDAir Speef (flight planning)
ASPDAEGIS Ship Program Directive
ASPDAttention-Seeking Personality Disorder
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At Limerick Circuit Court yesterday, Judge Sean O'Donneabhain said it was obvious from all of the reports prepared for the court that McCarthy - who suffers from an anti-social personality disorder - remains a danger to others and the option of placing her in any setting other than prison was not open to him.
Medical evidence showed although hew as not mentally ill, he had an anti-social personality disorder and was an alcoholic.
They showed a higher rate of comorbid psychiatric disorders like disorders of mood, anxiety, psychosis and eating; anti-social personality disorder (ASPD); and attention deficit hyperactive disorder all as measured by the Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview Plus (MINI Plus).
In 1990, he was diagnosed with an anti-social personality disorder which made him egocentric, irresponsible, quick to lose his temper, deceitful, impulsive and reckless.
Menzies, who suffered from an anti-social personality disorder,had a dangerous fascination with violence, which grew from a troubled childhood.
The court heard Cockburn suffers an anti-social personality disorder and is bipolar.
Just weeks later Bradley denied he had access to guns, but was noted as having possible schizophrenia, anti-social personality disorder and druginduced psychosis.
Notably, individuals who meet criteria for psychopathy score high on both factor 1 (psychopathic personality) and factor 2 (anti-social lifestyle), whereas those who meet criteria for anti-social personality disorder (the majority of incarcerated offenders) exhibit behaviors largely represented by factor 2 of the PGL-FL with or without the distinct personality characteristics that are the hallmark of psychopathy.
But in the run up to the killing, the doctor said in his opinion Ferguson was not suffering from a depressive illness and the criteria for an anti-social personality disorder was not made out.
Consultant forensic psychiatrist Dr Damian Mohan told the Central Criminal Court Seamus suffers from Anti-Social Personality Disorder, where there is "callous unconcern for the feelings of others and a lack a guilt".