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Saab's M4 Carl Gustaf could be an option for the British Army, particularly after the company informed Armada how the latest variant in its family of anti-tank weapons would be qualified in "early 2016.
Justice Minister Tarek El Aissami said the suspects were apprehended in a raid on a house in western Zulia state, where authorities found a recoilless anti-tank weapon and four grenades.
That year, James Ambrose, Undersecretary of the Army, became convinced that FOG-M had significant potential as an anti-tank weapon.
With the Canadian government trying to re-establish a military for the 21st century, one component army officials have stressed has been the need for a medium-range anti-tank weapon.
Responding to a US Marine Corps request, Lockheed Martin (Orlando, FL) expanded the capabilities of its Predator anti-tank weapon to engage fortifications and delivered 400 modified rounds in six months.
M72 Light Anti-tank Weapon Primary function: Portable, shoulder-launched anti-armor weapon consisting of a rocket packed in a launcher.
IMI was the original developer of the B-300 man-portable, anti-tank weapon system for the Israel Defense Forces, which led to its selection as a basis for the US Marine Corps' SMAW weapon system.
He put it on after it was peppered by fellow Marines trying to hit an unexploded anti-tank weapon.
That's what happened in the case of the Maverick missile, an anti-tank weapon purchased by the Air Force in the early eighties.
Also, Saabs anti-tank weapon NLAW is showcased to the attending audience as a response to the increased demand in Europe for lightweight disposable anti-tank weapons.