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While misuse of antibiotics for human health problems is definitely a concern--those with a valid need for antibiotics who don't finish off their prescriptions, for example, could effectively help bacteria develop resistance and make it stronger for when it infects its next host--a larger issue is the misuse of antibiotics to treat the common cold and flu and other viral infections which do not involve bacteria.
No antibiotics were detected either in incoming safe water or groundwater sources.
Concern has been raised that antibiotic resistance will become so widespread that we may soon not be able to fight off serious infection as people will have built up an immunity to antibiotics.
By using several potent antibiotics at the same time, the doctors were able to save the baby.
Can the recurrent earaches suffered by your child be the result of the antibiotics prescribed to cure them?
There is a lot of work taking place to tackle antibiotic resistance and reducing prescriptions of antibiotics is just one strand of that work.
The use of antibiotics is the single most important factor which contributes to antibiotic resistance, and up to 30-50% of antibiotic use in humans is either unnecessary or inappropriate.
Giles: True, but resistance to ototopical quinolone antibiotics is not a major problem clinically.
All the samples were then tested for four genes known to make bacteria resistant to the antibiotics tetracycline or sulfonamide.
Mice not treated with antibiotics show much milder reactions to the allergens.
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