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ATOAustralian Taxation Office
ATOAlpha Tau Omega
ATOAir Traffic Organization (FAA)
ATOAtco (Amtrak station code; Atco, NJ)
ATOArsenic Trioxide (chemotherapy)
ATOAuthorization to Operate
ATOAnti-Terrorist Operation (Ukraine)
ATOArab Towns Organization
ATOAmbito Territoriale Ottimale (Italy)
ATOAssemble To Order
ATOAuthority to Operate
ATOAccredited Training Organisation
ATOApproved Training Organization
ATOAir Tasking Order
ATOAntimony Tin Oxide
ATOAviation Training Organization (various organizations)
ATOAtmos Energy Corporation (stock symbol)
ATOAutomatic Top Off System (water level controller)
ATOAutomatic Train Operation (for rail signaling systems)
ATOAbort To Orbit (Shuttle)
ATOAir Transportation Office (Philippines)
ATOAdvanced Technology Office (US DARPA)
ATOApproval to Operate
ATOAgency Tender Official (US Army)
ATOAthens Ohio (airport code)
ATOAir Traffic Operations
ATOArmy Technology Objective (formerly Science and Technology Objective)
ATOAborted Take-Off (aviation)
ATOAntimony Trioxide
ATOAsset Turnover
ATOAmmunition Technical Officer
ATOAnti-Terrorism Officer
ATOAll Things Organic
ATOAnkara Ticaret Odasi
ATOAfter the Order (band)
ATOAustria Ticket Online
ATOAlternative Trading Organization (fair trade organization)
ATOAfrican Timber Organisation
ATOAfloat Training Organization
ATOAuthorization to Offer
ATOAdministrative Time Off
ATOAssisted Takeoff
ATOAirport Ticket Office
ATOArea Training Officer
ATOAirborne Tactical Officer
ATOActual Time Over
ATOAutomatic Take Off (dairy industry)
ATOAfter a Time Out (sports)
ATOAnkara Tabip Odasi
ATOAt Time of Order (purchasing)
ATOAccount Take Over
ATOAssist the Officer Foundation (Dallas, Texas USA)
ATOAutomatic Turn-On
ATOAlternative Treatment Order
ATOAircraft Transfer Order
ATOAuthorized Time Off
ATOAntarctic Terminal Operations
ATOArea of Tactical Operations
ATOAir Tasking Officer
ATOAfghanistan Theater of Operations
ATOAdministrative and Training Officer (Office of Emergency Preparedness)
ATOAchilles Tendon Operation
ATOAddress (Complete) Time Out (Telcordia)
ATOAnalog Tandem Office
ATOAnti-Tyranny Organization
ATOAviation Transportation Officer
ATOATCCS Test Office
ATOAtmosphere Over Pressure
ATOAdvanced Technology Offerings (OSF)
ATOAuthorized Task Order
ATOAdvisory Title Officer
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Keywords: Stibnite ore, Flotation, Leaching, Ferric chloride, Extraction, Antimony trioxide.
The results presented here showed that copolymers of U/SA/ EG and U/SA/GLY can be successfully produced in aqueous media in the presence of antimony trioxide. More specifically, the incorporation of increasing amounts of ethylene glycol and glycerol into the copolymer chains exerted significant impact on the final properties of the obtained copolymers, such as the molar mass distributions and thermal stability.
The maximum difference in the temperature values of ignition regarding unmodified and modified polyester material was 7[degrees]C at 21 wt% content of molybdenum oxide in PES and 12[degrees]C at 21 wt% content of antimony trioxide. In case of self-ignition temperatures of the studied materials, the maximum difference in the values of 38[degrees]C has been observed for PES including 21% of [Sb.sub.2][O.sub.3] and 20 [degrees]C for PES with 21% of Mo[O.sub.3].
CRISIL believes that CCPL will continue to benefit from its promoters' experience, and its established position, in the antimony trioxide industry, over the medium term.
There is lead and arsenic in older cathode ray tubes, the CPU cases are coated with a flame retardant called antimony trioxide which, with a name like that, is never going to be good for the local rabbit population.
Roskill says that smaller end-uses of boron compounds with potential for future growth include flame retardants, in which borates are used in place of, or in addition to, antimony trioxide, and in neodymium-iron-boron magnets, which are used in applications where high ratios of magnetic strength to weight are required.
It will be dissolved in an alkaline solution, then be precipitated to a marketable antimony trioxide
The concentrates are purchased by Antimony Products, managed by Consolidated Murchison, for conversion to antimony trioxide in its adjacent plant.
M2 PRESSWIRE-July 29, 2019-: Global Flame Retardants Market Forecast to 2025 - Focus on ATH, Brominated, Chlorinated, Phosphorus-Based, Antimony Trioxide
The other materials used were Satintone SP-33 calcined kaolin clay (as electrical insulation filler); Baeropan MC 90249 KA or Baeropan MC 9754 KA calcium-zinc mixed metal soaps (as primary heat stabilizers); Irganox 1076 (as antioxidant); Microfine A09 antimony trioxide (as flame-retardant synergist); bis(2-ethylhexyl) succinate (also known as dioctyl succinate, DOS, as plasticizer or coplasticizer; derived from biosuccinic acid; obtained from Myriant Technologies, LLC; molecular weight: 343 g/mol); Plas-Chek 775 ESO (as plasticizer or coplasticizer; molecular weight: ca.
"Around 80 per cent of 500 hectares of land in the first phase has already been committed (or occupied) and some of the projects are in operation, some others are under construction and some are yet to start construction," he said, on the sidelines of an event to sign a land lease agreement with a United Kingdom-led consortium to build an antimony trioxide project in Sohar.
Products include Cellcom FR/ATH (aluminum trihydrate), Cellcom FR/ATO (antimony trioxide), Cellcom FR/DBPE (decabromo diphenylethane), Cellcom FR/DPBO (decabromo diphenyloxide), Cellcom FR/MHO (magnesium hydroxide), Cellcom FR/HBCD (hexabromocyclododecane) and Cellcom FC/ MC (melamine cyanurate).