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Late metabolic and atherogenic consequences of antiretroviral drugs
It also is possible that exposed infants could develop toxicities from the antiretroviral drugs, including lowered blood counts, liver problems, or allergic reactions, he noted.
Having at least two active antiretroviral drugs in the regimen.
With antenatal HIV testing, combination antiretroviral drugs, and safer infant feeding, the risk can be reduced to 1%-2%.
Among the specimens with a detectable viremia that were tested for drug resistance, 78% (842) were resistant to at least one antiretroviral drug, 51% were resistant to two or more classes of drugs, and 14% were resistant to all three classes of antiretroviral drugs.
Among HIV-infected pregnant women, those who receive combination antiretroviral drug therapy have rates of premature delivery and stillbirth similar to those receiving monotherapy or no therapy, and they are no more likely to deliver a baby with low birth weight or low Apgar scores, according to a combined analysis of multiple studies performed in the United States.
Antiretroviral drug resistance testing in adult HIV-1 infection.
In the first preliminary study of this strategy, Xia Jin of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center injected a vaccine into four patients who were on antiretroviral drug therapy.
The prevalence of antiretroviral drug resistance in the U.