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Chapter 31 presents the current detection and management of antisperm antibodies (ASA) as a cause for male infertility including different methods used for detection, testing and treatment.
The impact of antisperm antibodies on human infertility.
Antisperm antibodies in the semen of a stallion following testicular trauma.
Antisperm antibodies (mixed agglutination reaction)
Antisperm antibodies are almost exclusively IgG and IgA, with the latter clinically more important.
Conclusion: Direct correlation of circulating antisperm antibodies with male infertility suggests the role of immunologic infertility as an etiologic cause of infertility in idiopathic infertile males of Pakistan.
Women don't generally produce antibodies against sperm; however, some infertile women have been found to possess antisperm antibodies, which may contribute to their infertility (12).
Density differences between spermatozoa with antisperm autoantibodies and spermatozoa covered with antisperm antibodies from serum.
Serum antisperm antibodies were detected by indirect immunofluorescence test (EURO IMMUNE, Germany).
Antisperm antibodies can cause sperm agglutination, which results in poor motlity and progression.