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Li, "A face antispoofing database with diverse attacks," in Proceedings of the 5th IAPR International Conference on Biometrics (ICB '12), pp.
Unlike other commercial survey systems, the embedded radios, antispoofing receiver, and other components of the controller reduce cabling, standardize batteries, decrease setup time, and reduce overall maintenance.
The more secure and survivable precise positioning service (PPS) is encrypted, incorporates antispoofing measures, and broadcasts using two frequencies; the additional frequency provides an added degree of jamming resistance.
The latest test was the fourth JASSM Block IA missile with the Selective Availability Antispoofing Module (SAASM) technology in an enhanced digital anti-lam GPS receiver intended to enable the JASSM to reach its target in the face of jamming The 2,000-lb.
Spam-identifying capabilities have been enhanced with six spam prevention methods: real-time blacklisting, DNS lookup, anti-relay, antispoofing, cookie blocking, and keyword filtering.
Antispoofing has always been a feature of military GPS, using encrypted signals as the first line of defense.
The objectives have been updated to consider selective-availability antispoofing modules (SAASMs) and other developments surrounding the easily jammed GPS system.
Access to the mentioned PPS position accuracies is controlled through two cryptographic features denoted as Antispoofing (AS) and Selective Availability (SA).