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ASUWAssociated Students of the University of Washington
ASUWAntisurface Warfare (US Navy)
ASUWArizona State University West (Phoenix, AZ)
ASUWAnti-Surface Ship Warfare
ASUWAssociated Students of the University of Wyoming (Laramie, WY)
ASUWAntisurface Unit Warfare
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Still on the drawing board are a fleet of new UAVs (under the Pentagon Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office's Tier II+ program) with added SIGINT capabilities and the Navy's P-3 Antisurface Warfare Improvement Program, which will allow this aging workhorse to play an air-ground targeting role using a new imaging radar, improved forward-looking infrared and ESM equipment and a long-range, high-resolution electro-optic system.
VS-21 was redesignated Sea Control Squadron 21 (also VS-21) on 15 September 1993 in recognition of the VS community's increased role in antisurface warfare.
Boeing Defense & Space Group team competing for an antisurface warfare (ASUW) upgrade program for the Navy' s P-3C aircraft.
The program will enhance the aircraft's abilities to perform antisurface warfare (ASUW) missions, specifically by improving the aircraft's over-the-horizon targeting and |C.
The system greatly improves the Viking's ability to conduct combat antisurface warfare operations using each of these missiles, and also introduces the ability for overland strike missions using SLAM-ER.
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