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Every time they tried more were knocked out by mines or antitank guns. When one tank finally managed to get through the woods and into the clearing in front of the wire, a Panzerturm immediately blasted It into a wreck.
Furthermore, the tank had a significant problem with the field of view of its surroundings, which made it a vulnerable target for the enemy's antitank guns, mines, and grenades.
26, will also include operations to root out guerrillas in mountainous areas and live-fire drills using antitank guns.
The 3rd Battalion paratroopers Successfully completed a long list of firsts: first combat jump in the Korean War, first combat jump from the new C- 119 "flying boxcars" and first successful "heavy drop" of 105mm howitzers, 90mm towed antitank guns, trucks, trailers and jeeps.
Marine Colonel Robert Debs Heinl described what the ground forces were up against: "Every intersection was barricaded after the fashion of the Paris Commune--carts, earth-filled rice bags, poor people's furniture and rubble." Some of these barricades were as much as eight feet high and backed up by concealed antitank guns. Target identification from the air was especially difficult amid the tangle of narrow streets, and the buildings interfered with radio communications, which hampered coordination with the air.
It advances with a covering and consolidation group (a motorized rifle platoon reinforced with antitank guns, grenade launchers and 82mm mortars) and an obstacle clearing party (combat engineers and mine-sweeping tanks).
Whenever they mere used in small packets they were of dubious worth; the Germans perfected the use of antitank guns (formerly anti-aircraft) and kept the following infantry at bay with concentrated machine-gun fire from improvised shell-hole positions.
license, 105- and 155-millimeter artillery shells, 100-millimeter tank ammunition, also 106-millimeter antitank guns and ammunition.
Look for a place you can set up two of our 57mm antitank guns, one on each side of the street.
Held by the German 10th and 14th Armies with a combined strength of 14 divisions, the line included nearly 2,400 mutually supporting machine-gun nests, over 470 positions for mortars, assault guns, and antitank guns, and extensive barbed wire and antitank obstacles.
However, there was an almost magic exception having to do with the optics mounted on German tank and antitank guns, which were far superior to anything opposing them.
Maxie goes for the deal, and also snaps up some antitank guns that our guys had thought they might have to get rid of in the Bonanza Days Sidewalk Sale.