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ATGMAntitank Guided Missile (US DoD)
ATGMAntitank Guided Munition (US DoD)
ATGMAir to Ground Missile
ATGMAstegmen (3rd Lieutenant in Turkish Army)
ATGMAll Tube Gamma Monitor
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3, Stryker Gunnery, (5) follows a pattern similar to the heavy brigade combat team manual--it does not include training strategies for antitank guided missile platoons or platoons that are not infantry.
Lynx can also be equipped with an antitank guided missile launcher and a secondary weapon station linked to the main optics (main sensor slaved armament).
The BTR-T's most distinguishing feature is its low-silhouette turret, mounting a modern gun-missile weapon system: the 30mm automatic gun (as found on the BMP-2) and Konkurs AT-5 antitank guided missile (ATGM) (NATO Spandrel).
Engineer platoons, human collection teams (HCTs), signal intelligence teams, unmanned aerial reconnaissance and surveillance assets, and antitank guided missile platoons were integrated during infantry company STXs and live-fire exercises.
The latter effectively fused militia forces with highly trained fighters and antitank guided missile teams into the battle.
The other Stryker variants are the commander's vehicle, fire support vehicle, mortar carrier, engineer squad vehicle, medical evacuation vehicle (see related article on page 48), reconnaissance vehicle, and antitank guided missile vehicle.
Other missiles developed and successfully test-fired by the Defense Research and Development Laboratory include the ''Prithvi'' (Earth), the surface-to-surface ''Agni'' (Fire), the medium-range ballistic ''Akash'' (Sky), and the ''Nag'' (Cobra) antitank guided missile.
Other missiles developed and successfully test-fired under the IMPD include the "Prithvi" (Earth) surface-to-surface missile, the "Agni" (Fire) intermediate-range ballistic missile, the "Akash" (Sky) multi-target surface-to-air missile and the "Nag" (cobra) antitank guided missile.
Advanced on-board, laser-based jamming techniques used in conjunction with off-board devices against advanced and imaging EO/IR surface-to-air missile and antitank guided missile threats are expected to be demonstrated by FY00.
The Suvivability Equipment Division of the Communications and Electronics Command's Night Vision & Electromagnetic Sensors Directorate (NVESD) is providing direct support to PM-SS to help develop performance criteria for the next generation of antitank guided missile (ATGM) countermeasures.
From September 2015 through March 2016, allied warships interdicted four Iranian dhows carrying more than 80 antitank guided missiles and 5,000 Kalashnikov rifles as well as sniper rifles, machine guns and almost 300 rocket-propelled grenade launchers, according to a tabulation by the US Navy.
The sources were discussing the recently released video where Pakistani posts near Naushera sector were razed down with the use of antitank guided missiles and 105 mm artillery fire.